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Utah school apologizes for yearbook’s harsh words for rival

SALT LAKE CITY (AP) — A Utah high school is apologizing to its rival after publishing a yearbook page criticizing the school as “lame,” ”satanic” and “trash,” sending a YouTube apology with more positive messages.

Administrators at Maple Mountain High School in Spanish Fork told students at rival Springville High School on Saturday they made a mistake in allowing the remarks to be published on a page titled “Describe Springville.”

The yearbook page included the comments and others as part of a word cloud in the shape of Springville High School’s logo.

Administrators say the criticism doesn’t describe how Maple Mountain High truly feels about Springville.

They say yearbook advisers did not review the page before it went to print. The school is promising to prevent the situation from arising again.

Maple Mountain is creating a sticker to cover up the page, but roughly 500 yearbooks are already in students’ hands.

Monday morning, sidewalk art also showed up at Springville showing students they are loved by Maple Mountain. A new word cloud included words like “awesome,” “creative,” and “teamwork” to describe how Maple Mountain feels about rival Springville.

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