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Initial court appearance for man accused of killing Orem woman and her son

AMERICAN FORK – A case against a man accused of killing an Orem woman and her son is moving forward despite a major piece of missing evidence.  Investigators were never able to find the bodies of the victims.

In the past, prosecutors have claimed Christopher Poulson killed his then-girlfriend Emily Almiron and her son, Gabriel, wrapped their bodies in sheets and buried them somewhere.  However, they have never been able to determine where their graves are.  Still, Prosecutor Sam Pead says they still believe in their case.  “We’re not afraid of taking cases just because we think they might be difficult if we believe that it’s a just case to try,” he says.

Prosecutors have previously claimed they can prove Poulson bought the sheets and a shovel.  Pead says, “It’s like any murder case where we have to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that there is, or are, a deceased person or persons.  So, it’s the same as any other, we just, in this case, do it with other evidence.”

Since the bodies have never been found, there has been a lot of speculation as to where they’re buried.  Private investigator Jason Jensen has been trying to narrow down possible locations.  He tried digging a grave site in the Nebo Loop and he doesn’t believe it’s possible the pair are buried there.  “With the rock surface underneath and the root systems for the surrounding trees it was impossible to dig a site in less than two hours,” Jensen says.

Police found Almiron’s missing car in St. George in April of last year.  Charging documents state the car was left so that it could have been easily stolen.