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Larger crime ring in Canada busted after huge drug bust in Utah

UHP photo, October 2016

We’re getting new information about the far-reaching results of a major drug bust here in Utah back in 2016.

Three men from Calgary were arrested after Utah Highway Patrol stopped their car and discovered 100
kilograms, or 230 pounds of meth inside.

Police in Canada now revealing those men were part of a much bigger organized crime group.

Investigators believe they were couriers for a Calgary-based drug operation that produced fentanyl and steroids in a garage in Rosscarrock.

In addition to the incredible amount of drugs and paraphernalia police discovered, they say they also found guns and body armor.

And they say the men are connected to a double homicide at a superstore parking lot in Canada last May.

In total eight people were arrested as part of this drug ring, including the three taken into custody here in Utah.