BIG MOVIE OF THE WEEK: Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse review

Dec 15, 2018, 10:43 AM

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

Rated PG for frenetic sequences of animated action violence, thematic elements, and mild language

Steve’s Score: A Solid B+ (maybe even an A-)


“This is the biggest animated surprise of the year, I had no idea how good this was going to be”


With a lack of big movies, or really any movies that have been released over the last few weeks, it seems like they all got saved up and dumped on us this week.

It wouldn’t be a stretch to say that when Steve walked into the theater to see this newest iteration of Spiderman he wasn’t going in with very high expectations, his arms were crossed, it was 10 AM and he wasn’t expecting much.

“I thought. ‘OH COME ON! Another Spiderman movie! I mean, how many times are we going to do this?’”

But it also wouldn’t be a stretch to say that he changed his tune pretty quickly, this movie won him over.

“This movie got it right! It says OK, we know we’ve done this before and you’ve seen the whole story and you know the whole background but we’re going to give you a little different twist.”

Into the Spider-verse gives us a new version of Spiderman, introducing us not to another version of Peter Parker but rather a Miles Morales, a teenager growing up in Brooklyn trying to adjust to his new life after passing some tests and winning a lottery to attend a new elite boarding school and struggling to live up to the expectations of his parents, and just learning who he is.

It doesn’t take very long though for this to turn into a Spiderman movie though, just like every other spiderman, Miles gets bitten by a radioactive spider. But what makes his experience a little bit different, the hitch in everything is that there’s already a Spiderman in his universe! Peter Parker is already swinging around Manhattan helping old ladies and getting churros.

Shortly after Miles gets bitten and has some fun adjusting to his new powers he goes back to the place where he was bitten to try and find some answers and  ends up stumbling into the friendly neighborhood Spiderman Peter Parker in the middle of a fight trying to disable a giant particle accelerator created by the crime boss Kingpin who is trying to get his family back after they were killed in a car accident.

But, as particle accelerators made by bad guys are want to do, it malfunctions with some wild consequences, the most major of which is that it connects with a few different parallel universes and sends a variety of other spidey people into Miles’ New York.

“I mean, there’s a Spider-Ham, a little pig voiced by John Mulaney who’s hilarious, and then you have Nicholas Cage playing a Spiderman from a black and white film noir universe where there’s always wind and a variety of other versions of Spiderman that have to team up to stop the bad guy and save all of these multi-verses out there.”

“There’s all this incredible interplay between the different spider-people, it’s hilarious. It’s heartfelt, it’s brilliant, the writing is extraordinary, the animation is incredible. I mean, they got it. It’s brilliant!

Even if you aren’t a comic book fan or a comic book movie fan, there’s something for you to get out of this movie.

This was just a small portion of what the guys had to talk about on this episode of the Movie Show that airs every Friday from 9 to noon, and if you want to catch the rest of the show where our resident movie buffs get into Kurt Russell as Chris Kringle on Netflix, The Tab Choir at Temple Square as well as settling the long-held debate once and for all, is Die Hard a Christmas film?

Crack your diet fizzy beverage of choice with the guys and have a listen

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BIG MOVIE OF THE WEEK: Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse review