Stephen Warner- Settlement Canyon Elementary

May 1, 2018, 10:05 AM | Updated: Feb 25, 2019, 3:29 pm

The following was submitted anonymously.

“Mr. Warner is an amazing teacher. He has been teaching for years. He has so many days off saved up, that he can take an entire year of school off paid. He loves his students, and they know he loves them. Aside from being a great teacher, and creating a loving atmosphere, where students are excited to learn, he has shown the students how to persevere and see the very best, and be positive, in any situation.

Last March, Mr. Warner was diagnosed with epithelioid Angiosarcoma. It is a very rare cancer, and his is unlike any other. He does not fit the criteria for the normal person with it. Instead, his was on his head. He took the spring off last year, as he was undergoing Chemotherapy. However, he came in every day to see his students. He had them read to him one-on-one while he was in. He waited to see if he needed surgery before he decided whether to retire, or come back this school year. They gave an aggressive chemo treatment, and an aggressive radiation treatment. Yet, he did not have to have surgery, and returned this school year.

The week before school started, he was “cancer free”. Around a month later, his cancer returned. Mr. Warner has been undergoing a long chemotherapy regimen this school year. Yet, he comes to school every day, and seldom gets a substitute teacher. He loves the students in his class, and loves the teaching profession. The 5th grade team can carry his classroom with a sub for the school year, but he is dedicated to his job.

He is still considering coming back next school year, but unsure, as his cancer is very aggressive. I would love him to be recognized for the amazing teacher that he is. He was my daughter’s teacher last year. She said he was her hero, as she saw true strength and love from him.”

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Stephen Warner- Settlement Canyon Elementary