Justin Stanford, Kaysville City Police Department

Feb 17, 2017, 11:55 AM | Updated: Feb 25, 2019, 3:29 pm

Officer Justin Stanford was recently selected to be the Kaysville Police Departments DARE Officer and has been teaching the DARE program since the beginning of the 2016‐ 2017 school year.

Officer Stanford has a great desire to connect with the students that he teaches. During the short time
Officer Stanford has been teaching DARE, he has done an outstanding job connecting and bonding with the students.

Officer Stanford feels it is very important support students. He takes time to interact with the children by attending various school functions, such as school plays, fun runs, and other school events. Officer Stanford has taken time off duty to attend sporting events and other events that his DARE students are involved in to show his support. By attending these activities Officer Stanford shows the students that he really cares about each of them.

Officer Stanford wants to make a positive impact on the students that attend the Elementary Schools in Kaysville City. Officer Stanford feels that by teaching DARE, he can give back to the community and make a difference in the life of a child.

Officer Stanford volunteers at his local church and assists with teaching the youth. Officer Stanford is very passionate about being a great role model to the youth and is always willing to offer assistance to youth in need.

Officer Stanford recently traveled to Italy with his church youth group. While there, Officer Stanford along with others, learned an Italian dance while interacting with the people of Italy. Officer Stanford has taken the time to teach the dance to the students that he teaches. The students love the time they are able to spend with Officer Stanford learning various dances.

Chief Oberg was approached by a citizen who wanted to commend Officer Stanford on the job he is doing with the DARE program. The citizen indicated that his twin daughters came home and were talking about Officer Stanford, which surprised him. He indicated he later observed Officer Stanford dancing with some of the school children. He passed his praise of Officer Stanford on to city staff including the Mayor and City Manager.

Numerous teachers have commented on how much the students “LOVE” Officer Stanford and what a great job he is doing mentoring and teaching the DARE program to students attending Elementary Schools in Kaysville City.

Mayor Steve Hiatt commended Officer Stanford and the DARE program in an open city council meeting. This was a credit to the department, the DARE program and Officer Stanford. The Mayor encouraged the city council members to attend the DARE graduation scheduled for the next day. Chief Oberg attended the graduation ceremony and was impressed and commended Officer Stanford for this accomplishments and encourage him to continue his exemplary work.

Officer Stanford is new to teaching the DARE program, but he is right on track in his efforts to really make a difference in the lives of the students he teaches and interacts with. What he does today will have long term positive influence to all he comes in contact with: students, school faculty, and citizens of Kaysville City.

Lieutenant Kenton Pies

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Justin Stanford, Kaysville City Police Department