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gold star ID
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Thousands of Gold Star IDs returned to DPS. Is yours one of them?

Photo credit: Utah Department of Public Safety.

SALT LAKE CITY — Is your driver’s license a Real ID? If so, it has a gold star in the upper left corner.

Everyone will be required to have these updated licenses if they want to board a plane, go into a federal building or courthouse, or get on a military base starting October 1, 2020.

More than a million Utahns already have their Real IDs.

gold star ID

Thousands of Real ID driver’s licenses were returned to the Driver’s License Division in the mail — possibly because their owners moved and did not update their address with state officials. Photo: Kelli Pierce

However, the Utah Department of Public Safety says more than 50,000 of those Real ID-compliant licenses could not be delivered by mail, and they are trying to find the people who applied for them.

Driver’s License Division Director Chris Karis says the main reason people did not get their licenses is because they moved and did not update their address. But he worries about people who take a plane trip before the deadline.

“And October 2nd or 3rd [2020], you’re trying to get home, if you do not have that gold star on your [license], it’s going to be a problem. You will not be allowed to get access to the aircraft,” Karis warned.

Anyone who needs to track down their license can go to this web page for more information.