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Timpanogos Highway
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Too many lines on I-15 in Lehi confuses drivers

FILE: S.R. 92 (Timpanogos Highway) and Main Street in Lehi. (Photo credit: UDOT)

LEHI, Utah — The Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT) opens a new on-ramp to I-15 southbound in Lehi tomorrow.  

The new ramp will allow drivers to stay on Thanksgiving Way and then get onto SB I-15 without using an interchange.

However, there have been multiple lane shifts during the construction phase of the Technology Corridor.  Drivers complain it’s difficult to stay in one lane.  
One posted a message stating “I was almost killed on I-15 today because the lane markings go all over the place in Lehi.”

To help drivers navigate, and prepare for this weekend’s new ramp, UDOT re-striped I-15 last night between 2100 North and Lehi’s Main Street to improve lane visibility on that stretch of freeway. 

John Gleason, spokesman for UDOT, said “we put down contract striping. Black paint underneath the white lines to make the lanes of travel more clear.”

“Tonight, we’re going apply tabs to the roadway to improve safety for drivers.” continued Gleason.

Apparently, the permanent lines of the project are shining through in sunlight.  Those lines are almost as bright as the temporary paint for construction.

A Tweet from UDOT states “we are hopeful the additional striping will help reduce driver confusion.” 

But, Gleason warned, the lanes will continue to change and shift through September.