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Cache County School District/Project AWARE

Staying home from school, away from friends, and normal activities can feel really hard. Being social helps us manage stress and stay mentally healthy. When we are distanced from friends it can lead to feelings of worry, depression, and loneliness.

Cache County School District has helped so many students to feel more connected through their initiative: Project AWARE, it helps improve mental health and happiness. Their top tips for staying healthy are:

  1. To keep a regular routine with sleep, eating, and exercise.
  2. Text, call, or video chat with friends.
  3. Find uplifting music and books, spend time outside, or play with your pet.
  4. Keep a daily journal to track what you are grateful for.
  5. Take a break from the news and talk about how you feel with someone you trust.

And remember, this situation is temporary, and we are all in this together, so be kind to yourself and others. For more information, visit

SelectHealth recognizes the continued connection provided by the Cache County School District and Project AWARE as another example of how Utah Gives Back.