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Utah health officials release 2 days worth of COVID-19 numbers

SALT LAKE CITY — On Friday the Utah Department of Health (UDoH) released updated COVID-19 statistics representing two days, as they did not report new numbers on Thanksgiving. The total number of additional Utahns infected with COVID-19 is 6,142.

That number brings the overall total of Utahns diagnosed with COVID-19 to 190,044.

UDoH said 3,829 more Utahns were reported to have COVID-19 on Thursday, and 2,313 more Utahns were reported to have the virus on Friday.

Utah health officials also reported that 849 Utahns have died from COVID-19 since the beginning of the pandemic, representing 15 additional deaths since numbers were last reported on Wednesday.

Other trends

On Friday, the 7-day rolling average for positive tests was 2,764 per day, and the rolling 7-day average for percent of positive laboratory tests was 21.3%

Right now, there are 569 Utahns hospitalized with COVID-19, 205 are being treated in the intensive care unit. The total number of Utahns requiring hospitalization since the beginning of the pandemic is now 7,948. 

New interactive map from the Associated Press

A new interactive map shows hotspots of COVID-19 activity across the country by displaying each county’s 7-day rolling case average.

The map, from the Associated Press, allows users to explore data county-by-county, and automatically updates daily. 

To use the map, hover over a county for the latest 7-day rolling average of COVID-19 cases in that area.