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McDonald's leaving Walmart
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McDonald’s is leaving Walmart, and Walmart is looking for new options

In the heyday of their 30-year relationship, there were 1,000 McDonalds in Walmart stores across the country. But by the end of this year, there will only be about 150. Photo: Canva.

McDonald’s is leaving Walmart.

Citing the Wall Street Journal, Forbes reports that, though shoppers could eat at McDonald’s in more than 800 Walmart stores across the country just a few days ago, by the end of summer McDonald’s will be an option at just 150 Walmart stores.

And, yes, the COVID-19 pandemic has a lot to do with this change.

Less foot traffic at Walmart

USA Today reports that McDonald’s announced it’d be closing Walmart locations back in July of 2020, as fewer people were shopping at brick-and-mortar stores.

The two have been in business together for about 30 years, reported CNBC.

But the pandemic isn’t the only reason for the closures. Forbes reports that the restaurants were never as profitable as stand-alone stores because there is no drive-up at a Walmart McDonald’s.

As McDonald’s leaves Walmart, others could take its place

There’s good news for those who like to eat at Walmart before or after they shop. Forbes reported that Walmart may expand existing Taco Bell and Dominoes Pizza franchises in its stores.

And Walmart may also experiment with the space left behind by McDonald’s stores, in the form of local shops catering to regional retail needs.