Utah Adventures Are Waiting for Your Student | Experience One of the Best Summer School Programs in the Entire Country

May 4, 2021, 1:01 PM
Summer School Programs...
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This article about summer school programs in 2021 is sponsored by Wasatch Academy.

Summer school programs are a great way for students to connect more with the outdoors, have an immersive experience, and spend more time with their friends. If you’ve been asking yourself “what are the best summer school programs near me?” then this article is for you! Here’s everything you need to know about the summer school programs available at Wasatch Academy.

Will my kids even be interested in summer school?

best summer school programs near me

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First, it’s best to address the elephants in the room about summer school: Is my child going to like it? Isn’t summer school boring? Isn’t summer school a punishment?

Yes, your kids are probably going to love it. And no, Wasatch Academy’s summer school programs are far from boring. And they are definitely not a punishment. 

These are completely different from other summer schools in the state or even nationwide. It’s the incredible adventures that make Wasatch Academy’s summer programs so much more.

How adventure and education blend in Utah’s premiere summer school program

Summer School Programs for High School Students

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The summer school schedule is the perfect balance of academics afternoon adventure. With the small class sizes, teachers are able to give each student one-on-one time. That way they can be successful in their boarding summer school learning. Students can even earn semester credits when they attend the full six-week Summer Experience. And the programs will help students catch up on their education. All without sacrificing that valuable summer adventure time.

There are two separate summer school programs available this year at Wasatch Academy

Summer School High School

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The two different summer school programs at Wasatch Academy are the ‘Summer Experience’ and the ‘Summer Dash’. While some students are looking to recover credits, others are looking to improve their academics in a specific subject without sacrificing their opportunity for a summer adventure! The six-week Summer Experience would be ideal for a student that needs to recover credits while enjoying a lot of fun activities this summer and exploring the outdoors. Subsequently, the two three-week Summer Dash programs are great for students interested in better understanding concepts and ideas that they struggle with during a typical school year. 

Then after school, that’s when the fun starts. Students are able to go swimming, rock climbing, hiking, golfing, and biking just to name a few. Then they will also be able to literally explore Utah!

Here’s where the Utah adventure starts!

Summer School -m Utah National Parks

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In addition to all the after-school activities, there are some incredible trips planned for students this year to some of the most amazing places in the country that are right in our backyard. Without a doubt, Wasatch Academy prioritizes after-school and outdoor recreation. Students will visit state and national parks, amusement parks, play sports, float rivers, and more! Here’s just a sampling of the weekend trips that the summer school program has built into its curriculum:

  • Bryce Canyon – Hiking around the incredible and famous Hoodoo’s
  • Moab – Hike, mountain bike, and camp in incredible scenery!
  • Palisade State Park – A picturesque lake complete with a sandy beach!
  • Lagoon – With over 50 rides, a water park, and more at Utah’s own amazing amusement park!
  • Sevier River Floating – Two words: whitewater rapids!

You can check out everything that the Summer School programs at Wasatch Academy have to offer at WasatchAcademy.org.

2021 Utah Summer School at Wasatch Academy from Wasatch Academy on Vimeo.

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Utah Adventures Are Waiting for Your Student | Experience One of the Best Summer School Programs in the Entire Country