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Officials already express some wildfire concerns for parts of southern Utah

Fire officials are issuing an early warning for parts of southern Utah as we approach a warm weekend. (PHOTO: Utah Fire Info @UtahWildfire)

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah — Fire officials are issuing an early wildfire warning for parts of southern Utah as the state anticipates a weeknd of warm weather. 

Closed Fire Season starting soon in southern Utah 

Closed Fire Season has been moved up to this Saturday for Beaver, Garfield, Iron, Kane and Washington counties. Closed Fire Season typically is from June 1 to Oct. 31.

During fire season, limits are placed on burning unincorporated state and private land.

“Conditions are primed for higher fire potential,” said Kait Webb, a representative with Utah Fire Info. “Down in the southwest we’ve had a decent amount of fire activity.”

An active early seson

Overall, the state has already experienced over 155 wildfires which have burned over 6,300 acres. Officials say both of those figures are very high for this time of year.

Additionally, at least eight wildfires in March were reportedly caused by target shooting. The other five were started by exploding targets.

“We do have concern and we want the public to be very aware that there is fire potential statewide this year,” Webb said. “The public has a very crucial role to play in wildfire prevention. They have a direct influence on how busy our wildfire season is.”

In addition to high temperatures, Webb said most of the state is dealing with dry soil and low moisture. According to her, both of those factors typically predict an active fire season.