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drought hardy perennials and annuals
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Drought hardy perennials and annuals

Utah is in a drought having many gardeners re-evaluating their decisions. The KSL Greenhouse Show hosts Taun Beddes and Maria Shilaos go in depth on drought hardy perennials and annuals. Take a listen to the full podcast to learn most about what to think about when planting flower beds during a drought.  


  • Ice Plant
  • Cat Mint
  • Thyme
  • Lavender
  • Russian Sage
  • Hummingbird Mint
  • Red Yucca
  • Blue Mist spirea
  • Stonecrop/Sedum


  • Dusty Miller
  • Gazania
  • Lantana
  • California Poppy
  • Cleome
  • Mexican Sunflower
  • Zinnia
  • Cosmos
  • Amaranth
  • Vinca

Learn more about drought hardy perennials and annuals by listening to the podcast!

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