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Some boaters voice concern over Lake Powell water levels

The public launch ramp at Antelope Point, late March, 2021. (PHOTO: NPS/Trash Trackers)

LAKE POWELL, Utah — Expecting a busy holiday weekend out on Utah’s waterways, some boaters tell KSL TV they’re concerned about dropping water levels at Lake Powell.

Boaters react to lower water levels 

Despite some spring runoff, the lake continues to drop. The level of Lake Powell dropped 140 vertical feet in the last two decades and 40 feet just since last year, according to the US Bureau of Reclamation, which operates Glen Canyon Dam.

Meanwhile, the main parking area for Bullfrog Marina is now a half-mile from the docks.

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“Two-thirds of Bullfrog Bay, you can’t access it compared to what you could even last year,” Richard Kass of Grand Junction, Colorado, said.

Kass has been coming to Lake Powell for around 40 years. He says the dropping Lake Powell levels may create a litany of problems for boaters.

“It’s always a safety issue, it’s even more so for people who think they know the lake,” he said. “You have to treat it like a new lake.”

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