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Taylorsville teen murdered
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Taylorsville teen stabbed and dismembered by friend according to prosecutors

(Nick Vetecnik, family photo)

TAYLORSVILLE, Utah- Shocking allegations are coming out about the teen accused of killing a 15-year-old boy in Taylorsville and leaving the body in a trailer. The suspect has been charged with aggravated murder, and prosecutors say the killing was done in an especially heinous and depraved way.

Charging documents say police were called to a home on Elise Drive in Taylorsville by the father of the suspect, Rowdy Aguilar. Salt Lake County District Attorney Sim Gill said the caller made a gruesome discovery in his utility trailer.

Gill said, “He found the dismembered body of a 15-year-old male.”

That body was later identified as 15-year-old Ivan “Nick” Vetecnik. Records show officers arrived and spotted the body inside the container, along with a knife that appeared to be consistent with the kind used to attack and dismember Vetecnik. Gill said police also found garbage bags on the property containing portions of the victim’s body. 

“When they responded there, they smelled the strong smell of cleaning agents.  They did a check of the suspect’s bedroom which yielded a bloody t-shirt,” Gill said.

The Medical Examiner’s report shows Vetecnik was stabbed 26 times in the head. One wound reportedly penetrated into Vetecnik’s skull, but the fatal blow was a stab to the neck that hit the carotid artery.

When police initially spoke with Aguilar, he reportedly denied knowing Vetecnik, claiming he had been with his girlfriend all day. Police then spotted a cut on Aguilar’s hand.

Gill said, “He tried to give an explanation that it was because he was cutting ribs for a barbecue.”

However, police pressed Aguilar after seeing blood on Aguilar’s pants, socks and shoes. Eventually, Aguilar confessed by saying “I did it,” according to the charging records.

“We also had video-cam footage that demonstrated these two individuals had gotten together, and that we could see what looked like to be black and white garbage bags being taken from the property,” according to Gill.

Aguilar is charged with aggravated murder, abuse or desecration of a body and obstruction of justice. Due to the nature of the crime, Aguilar will automatically be tried as an adult, despite the fact he’s 17. 

He’s also charged with escape after he reportedly pulled the handcuffs apart from the wall in the police interview room and tried to leave.