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Provo fire marshal: ‘I absolutely want to scare people’

Photo of the Range Fire burning in Provo Canyon, Saturday afternoon, October 18, 2020. Photo credit: Brittney Harward

PROVO, Utah — Provo fire officials have issued a warning about following fireworks rules after they say a group of juveniles lit a firework sparking a small brush fire on the city’s east bench Monday night. 

Provo Fire Marshal Lynn Schofield said this happened outside of Utah’s open firework window, in an area where fireworks weren’t allowed.

“It appears it was a roman candle, and it was right next to the interface (with the mountain), ” Schofield told KSL Newsradio. 

Now, a minor could face multiple charges with fines up to $2,000. The minor would also be responsible for paying for the cost of the fire which is estimated at $2,420.


“So what this has done for us is kind of highlighted what everybody is worried about, which is fireworks and the extreme drought,” Schofield said.

He warned that Provo will be enforcing firework fines and statutes. 

“I absolutely want to scare people. I want people to be very concerned,” he said. 

Schofield credited quick-acting firefighting crews for quickly tamping down the fire caused by the fireworks.  

Provo campaign to use city parks for fireworks

Provo City and fire officials say this fire also highlights the need for their annual campaign “Just because you CAN; doesn’t mean you SHOULD; But if you must …” (use fireworks) which offers tips on fire safety and outlines the places Provo residents can go to light fireworks safely.

Schofield says this year the city is opening a total of 14 city parks, up from five, for people to safely light and dispose of personal fireworks instead of doing it at their homes or near the mountains. 

“That’s the gist of the program. We’re going to send them to the parks,” he said.  

Schofield says firework vendors would also be handing out a list of which parks would be participating. 

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