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New details in death of missing Sandy woman Masako Kenley

Masako Kenley (Sandy Police)

SANDY, Utah — New details have emerged in the death of Masako Kenley from Sandy, who went missing on Friday.

A probable cause statement from Sandy police said that officers arrested William O’Reilly, 75, on suspicion of aggravated murder, desecration of a body, and obstruction of justice.

The documents say police were able to use call detail records and video surveillance that showed Kenley and O’Reilly together in the afternoon hours of July 2, 2021.  The document also states O’Reilly claimed he and Kenley were in Salt Lake City before her death, but cell phone data shows that statement wasn’t true.  For now, investigators aren’t certain if Kenley met O’Reilly willingly, or if she was taken against her will.

Police: O’Reilly admitted turning off phone of Masako Kenley

Officers said through their investigations they also found video showing Kenley’s van pulling into the area where her body was later found.

“There was some surveillance video that was obtained in the area of 8900 South 700 West that did show Mrs. Kenley’s vehicle driving down into the area and leaving 20 minutes later,” according to Sandy Police Lieutenant Dean Carriger.

The probable cause statement said investigators found Kenley’s body hidden beneath layers of grasses and foliage near 8900 South and 1000 West. It also said that the medical examiner identified her body had a gunshot wound in her chest, but an official cause-of-death has not yet been determined.

“Kenley sustained two gunshot wounds, one was to her chest.  She also had multiple injuries that were consistent with an edged weapon,” Carriger said.  “She was shot and stabbed.  In this order, that has not been determined at this point.”

Police say O’Reilly admitted to turning off Kenley’s phone and removing the GPS tracking in her vehicle. O’Reilly was taken into custody on Monday morning at the Salt Lake Regional Hospital.  Carriger says O’Reilly kept some of Kenley’s personal items.

He said, “We did recover Mrs. Kenley’s purse and one of her shoes from his vehicle.”

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