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rain causes cedar city flooding
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Heavy rain slams Cedar City, causing flash flooding throughout the area

Hail & Flooding in Enoch. (Christina Johansen)

CEDAR CITY, Utah — While northern Utah struggles for a drop of rain, a downpour slammed areas on the southern side of the state, turning roads into rivers and causing flash flooding in Cedar City and other parts of Iron County. 

Cedar City flash flooding 

When a rainstorm ripped across Cedar City Monday, residents knew the water was needed, just not all at once.  

“The rain was coming off this empty lot and kind of made a river under our yard,” Cedar City resident Seth Price told KSL-TV’s Andrew Adams. “We got a bunch of the mountain that washed into our backyard,” Price added while cleaning up his flooded property. 

Price’s home wasn’t the only one hit hard by the storm. The heavy rain left many properties ransacked, prompting neighbors to ban together to muck out the sludge. Some residents were even building barriers to prevent the rain from infiltrating basements. 

In some parts of Cedar City, the thunderstorm dropped two inches of rain in a four-hour timeframe, according to the National Weather Service.

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