KSL Greenhouse | How to choose the tastiest melon and know if they are ripe

Aug 10, 2021, 3:04 PM | Updated: Jul 29, 2022, 11:02 pm
How to tell if the melon is ripe...

SALT LAKE CITY — It’s still melon season and with the heat still scorching Utah there is nothing more refreshing than snacking some fresh pieces, but many people don’t know how to choose the best melon from the store or garden, and how to know when they are ripe.

On the latest episode of the KSL Greenhouse, Taun Beddes explains what to look for on any type of melon so you won’t be disappointed.

Store tips to find a ripe melon

According to Taun, location is key to choose the tastiest melons when shopping.

“Some things I like to look for is the farther away the watermelon is from, the less likely it is to taste fresh,” he said.

He recommends eating fruits from Arizona or California since they are shipped overnight, while melons from places like Mexico have been sitting and traveling for longer and are not as fresh.

Markings to look for

When looking for melons that are ready to go, whether you are at the store or picking them from your yard, look at the mark of where the melon sat on the soil.

For most melons like watermelons, if they are unripe they will have a white color and as it ripens it will turn creamy yellow. If you are growing it in your yard it can be difficult to tell when they are ripe, you can’t always trust in the yellow color, but there is another trick according to Taun. 

“The second thing you do is go to the stem end, that’s where the stem connects… follow it back 2 or 3 inches there will be a tendril… and that little tendril needs to be dry,” Taun explained.

Another way you can tell for many melons is by the smell. If you find the stem and experience a strong smell, it can be a sign they are ready.

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KSL Greenhouse | How to choose the tastiest melon and know if they are ripe