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Food pantries are struggling to feed people in need

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UTAH COUNTY — Food pantries are struggling to feed and assist people in need. Rising costs on everything from gas to rent is causing more people than ever before to face food insecurity. This is according to an article by the Daily Herald  about a local food pantry.

The founder of Tabitha’s Way Local Food Pantry in Utah County Mike Carter said people are having to make tough choices, having to choose between food and rent or food and medical needs. 

And the drought isn’t helping.

Wendy Osborne another founder of Tabitha’s Way added, farmers planted fewer crops this year because of the lack of water.  So, some food pantries are unable to rely on normal donations from them.  And grocery stores also have limited supplies of fresh food to donate.

“The summer months typically see fewer food drives” said Osborne. “There is still a need for fruits and vegetables as well as other food.”

Carter and Osborne say they’ve not only put out a call to double up on food drives, they’ve applied for grant money in order to purchase more produce.

But the pantry isn’t only in need of food.  They also support their community by handing out donated backpacks and school supplies to children in need.  

Birthday bags are also given to children who have a birthday during the summer months. 

“So they can have a birthday party that their family may otherwise not be able to afford.” said Carter.