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KSL Greenhouse: The Art of Gardening

SALT LAKE CITY — Growing a garden can be a tedious task, especially if you do it in your own backyard as a hobby. If you are looking into inspiration for your own garden, look no further than Randy Blackburn’s garden.

In the latest episode of the KSL Greenhouse Show, host Maria Shilaos went to visit his unique garden in Lehi. 

Randy is a local artist who has created multiple murals, designed gardens all across Utah, and has taught art for many years in Lehi.

The Art of Gardening

In his garden, you can find types of plants, from your most common plants like daylilies and begonias to uncommon plants like the kiss me over the garden gate plant, native to China.

According to Maria, Randy loves the element of surprise and has added multiple globes, fairies, and dwarfs to accompany the gardens. Many of them were created by Randy himself.

You can go and visit Randy’s garden if you need ideas or if you want a relaxing evening.

Watch Maria’s visit to Randy Blackburn’s garden.

Learn more by listening to the podcast below.

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