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Kaysville chiropractor booked for fondling women during massages

FILE: A section of the Davis County Jail where inmates communicate with visitors is pictured at the facility in Farmington on Thursday, March 18, 2021. Steve Griffin, Deseret News

KAYSVILLE – A massage that reportedly turned sexual against a woman’s wishes has landed a Kaysville chiropractor in the Davis County Jail.  He was booked on two counts of object rape, and investigators believe their suspect has done it to more than one woman.

The latest alleged assault happened September 17.  The victim had booked a massage appointment with Kenneth Pierce of Right Now Chiropractic.  The probable cause statement said Pierce claimed it was an “after-hours massage.”

The victim reported feeling uneasy as she noticed no one else was present during the appointment.

“She was concerned and she clearly felt uncomfortable when Kenneth locked the door after she arrived,” according to Kaysville Police Spokesperson Lexi Benson.

Police documents said the victim was terrified and didn’t want to make the Kaysville chiropractor angry. So, when he reportedly fondled her, she froze, not knowing what to do.  The reported assault lasted roughly 20 minutes. 

The statement also said the victim saw what she described as a small black square right next to a light fixture.  She said she believes it was a GoPro camera that recorded what happened

“Afterwards, she came and reported the incident to us the next day.  This is the second report that we have taken on this specific person, Kenneth Pierce.”

Benson said another woman came forward earlier in the year, claiming Pierce touched her in a similar way in 2020.

“We had another report in May and the incident took place last year, in July,” said Benson.

Investigators have interviewed Pierce about the latest incident. He reportedly claimed the interaction was consensual.

“He admitted that something had occurred but he didn’t admit that he had any wrongdoing in the incident,” Benson said.

Investigators are encouraging other possible victims to come forward.

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