A charged phone and warm clothing helped save a man in need of rescue

Oct 25, 2021, 3:47 PM
Despite having a heart attack, a man was prepared and able to contact Utah County search and rescue...
Despite having a heart attack, a man was prepared and able to contact Utah County search and rescue this weekend. Photo credit: Utah County Search and Rescue via Facebook.

PROVO, Utah  — The Utah County Sheriff’s office says a man who went hiking above Cedar Hills on Sunday needed to be rescued.  However, they also said he did everything he was supposed to do, and by doing so helped to rescue himself.

He had gone for a hike on a trail on the east bench of Utah County.  That’s when he began experiencing chest pains.

“He had a fully charged cell phone and was able to call for help,” said Sgt. Spencer Cannon, with the Utah County Sheriff’s office.

According to a Facebook post from Utah County Search and Rescue said the man was able to give GPS coordinates so crews could find him.  

Cannon also says the man had sufficient clothing with him, so he was able to stay warm while waiting to be rescued.

“People will go out on what they think is a short outing and get lost or an unexpected storm rolls in,” Cannon said. “Many times they’re dressed in shorts and sandals.”

He also said people don’t think about charging their phones before heading out.  According to Cannon, most places along the Wasatch Front have adequate cell service. 

“But if you don’t have your phone, or the battery dies, you don’t have the option to call for help.”

Preparedness was key to helping the man who was rescued on Sunday stay alive. “He was able to stay warm and call for help, which likely kept things from getting much worse.”

Another option for hikers who may not want their cell phones with them, Cannon said, is to change your outgoing message to indicate where you hiking and what time you’ll think you will return. 

That will help tremendously if you are overdue from a hike. Your friends or family can call 9-11 and direct them to your hiking area.

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A charged phone and warm clothing helped save a man in need of rescue