Landlord reportedly breaks through tenant’s door with sledgehammer

Dec 28, 2021, 2:08 PM | Updated: 2:15 pm
Salt Lake County Sheriff's Office responded to the scene of a violent break in. A landlord used a s...
Salt Lake County Sheriff's Office responded to the scene of a violent break in. A landlord used a sledgehammer to force his way into a tenant's residence. Photo: Wikipedia Commons

SALT LAKE CITY — A landlord used a sledgehammer to break into the residence of a tenant according to police, and then chased the tenant around his home. 

On Monday, an officer from Salt Lake County Sheriff’s Office was dispatched to a burglary in progress at  1596 E Woodland Ave. Police said that when the officer arrived on the scene, David Shaskey had broken into his tenant’s residence.

According to the responding officer, the tenant’s doorknob and frame were broken and debris covered the ground. 

The tenant reportedly said that just before the officers’ arrival, Shaskey chased him through his home with a sledgehammer. When the tenant was able to get outside of the residence, the landlord threw the sledgehammer at him. 

Shaskey also reportedly threatened officers who arrived on the scene. The police report indicates officers believe Shaskey was under the influence of alcohol. 

The landlord was arrested and booked into Salt Lake County jail for aggravated burglary, aggravated assault, and threat of violence to an officer.

Shaskey’s motivation for reportedly harassing and then reportedly violently breaking into the tenant’s home is not currently known.

Implications and legal protections

KSL NewsRadio host Debbie Dujanovic and guest host Ethan Millard discussed this story on Tuesday morning and Dave and Dujanovic. They spoke about the implications of the landlord’s actions, and the legal protections that are in place for tenants and landlords in Utah. 

Tenants’ versus Landlords’ rights in Utah 

Millard explained that landlords in Utah have robust protections and that property owners have worked hard to make sure their interests are represented by Utah law.

Millard cited Senator Kirk Cullimore (R-9), a former landlord and current state Senator, as one of the prime movers behind the extensive landlord protections in Utah.

The landlord who was arrested, David Shaskey, lives directly across from his tenant, said the police statement.

Debbie Dujanovic mentioned that in Utah, landlords are required to give tenants notice 24 hours in advance if they plan to enter or send someone to enter the residence. 

“Being a landlord is tough … But, if you’re going to have self-managed real estate, you need to be able to get along with people,” said Millard. 

Dave & Dujanovic can be heard on weekdays from 9 a.m. to noon. on KSL NewsRadio. Users can find the show on the KSL NewsRadio website and app, a.s well as Apple Podcasts and Google Play.  

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Landlord reportedly breaks through tenant’s door with sledgehammer