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Another police agency warned of Sandy shooter before attack

DRAPER – Investigators confirm the Draper Police department got a tip from a woman who tried to warn them about the man who would later kill Memorez Rackley and her son near an elementary school in Sandy.

Deputy Chief John Eining says dispatch got a tip from an anonymous woman the day of the shooting.  She reported she got a message from Jeremy Patterson, saying he had just broken up with his girlfriend, and that he wanted to kill her and himself.  However, Eining says there were not a lot of details other than that.  “We didn’t have any information about who the girlfriend was. We didn’t even have any good information about Jeremy Patterson.  All we were finding out is that it was ‘a Jeremy Patterson,” Eining says.

Investigators were assigned to look into the tip, but, Eining says the officers didn’t have Patterson’s address. He adds, “He looked up ‘Jeremy Patterson’ on the state databases he had access to and found out there were multiple ‘Jeremy Pattersons’ which really didn’t give him any help to narrow who this was.”

Eining says they were able to learn they’d received a call about Patterson a year before.  “It had no connections to this particular incident, whatsoever,” he explains

He also says officers tried to contact the tipster, but, they couldn’t get a hold of her.  KSL reached out to the woman who says she doesn’t believe she got a call from Draper Police, and no messages were left, either.  She says she wishes she would have called Sandy officers directly.

(Photo credit: Jeremy Patterson’s Facebook Profile)