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FBI asks the public to help them capture serial bank robber

IDAHO – Federal investigators say a serial bank robber hitting banks in northern Utah and Idaho appears to be getting more brazen.  They hope a $10 thousand reward can help them track their suspect down.

The man dubbed as “The Great Outdoors Bandit” has been on the FBI’s radar since last December.  He’s called that because of the green Cabela’s baseball cap he wears during the robberies.  He’s accused of robbing six banks in the last eight months, and he reportedly tried to rob a seventh.

However, investigators with the FBI are worried his behavior is getting increasingly dangerous.  Spokesperson Sandra Barker says, “On Monday, this guy hit three banks in Idaho.  The reason we’re sending it to the Utah media is because his vehicle has Utah plates.” Barker says he also threatened to use a gun, which he hadn’t in previous robberies.

The thief may have made a crucial mistake.  On Monday, he reportedly went into a fourth Idaho bank and tried to exchange some cash.  This time, Barker says, he wasn’t wearing a disguise.  “Fortunately, that bank was able to get a really great face shot of this guy.”

The man’s vehicle was seen in surveillance footage from a store near one of the robberies, and near the fourth Idaho bank where the cash exchange happened.  Barker says, “That vehicle is an SUV crossover, possibly a Mitsubishi Outlander with a chrome or silver top.  He was seen leaving or driving that vehicle.”