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Man accused of driving 95 miles an hour before fatal crash

SALT LAKE CITY – A teen accused of driving at an incredibly dangerous speed before a crash that killed two people is facing two counts of manslaughter.  Abraham Miranda, 18, is also facing one count of reckless endangerment for the crash that killed two West High School students, Vidal Pacheco and Dylan Hernandez.

Investigators say their reconstructions of the crash scene lead them to believe Miranda was driving over 95 miles an hour at the time of the crash.  Witnesses say the car flew over the median, going into oncoming traffic, then landed on the vehicle of a then pregnant Amy Wilson. She has absolutely no memory of the crash, or even of the morning before it happened.  “Even several days after the accident, I have no memories,” she says.

On one hand, Wilson is glad she can’t remember any of the crash.  On the other, she also can’t remember the birth of her daughter, Grace Deliverance Wilson, who was delivered through emergency C-section.  Doctors had a list of concerns about Grace’s development.  Wilson says, “They were concerned that she would not be able to feed herself, use the left side of her body or speak, at all.  So far, none of that has manifested.”  Today, Grace seems to be developing perfectly normal.  “She eats really well, so there’s no concern there.  She’s a miracle baby,” Wilson adds.

She says she has no ill feelings toward Miranda, and says she wishes nothing but the best for everyone affected.  “Our hearts go out to the people that were involved, and we hope they can heal and move forward, as well, with their lives.”