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Vineyard man arrested for sexually assaulting his wife

VINEYARD – A Utah County man is arrested after police say he sexually assaulted his wife in their apartment.

Investigators say the victim made it clear to her husband she was not interested in any kind of romantic interaction with him.  Utah County Sheriff’s Sergeant Spencer Cannon says, “They live in separate rooms in their apartment, although, they share the apartment still.”

Cannon says the victim claims her husband held her by the wrist and sexually assaulted her Tuesday night.  The attack reportedly continued Wednesday morning.  “Just before she called 911, she was in the kitchen of the apartment and her husband pulled her shirt down and bit her,” Cannon says.

Investigators took the victim to the hospital and saw evidence of the attack.  While speaking with investigators, the suspect reportedly gave statements that somewhat back up her claims.  Cannon says, “It appeared that he was minimizing what she had described to us and what was supported by the evidence that was found during the forensic examination.”

The suspect, who will not be named to protect the victim’s identity, was booked for forcible sexual abuse and domestic violence.