Alek Nelson

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Alek Nelson is a former intern for the JayMac News Show.

SUU looks to cut tuition prices for online students

Southern Utah University is hoping to attract non-traditional and part-time students to their online program with cheaper tuition.
5 years ago

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints announces expansion of FSY conferences

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints announced plans to expand its For the Strength of Youth program to the United States and Canada on Friday.
5 years ago

Why new water bills are shocking Tremonton leaders and residents

A new system of water rates in Tremonton is causing some concerns among residents after seeing their bills skyrocket.
5 years ago

A study with mice and cookie dough is advancing diabetes research

An experiment at the University of Utah featuring mice and a little cookie dough is providing new insights on how to prevent diabetes in humans.
5 years ago

Cheap places to get dental work done in Utah

Where can you get affordable dental work in Utah? Check out our interactive map to find which locations will work on your teeth for cheap.
5 years ago

Mass shootings keep happening. How do we fix this?

JayMac: silencers and high capacity magazine bans won't stop mass shootings from happening. How about let's have a conversation instead?
5 years ago

“Lights on 4 Lizzy” fundraiser raises thousands of dollars

Residents all across northern Utah are leaving their porch lights on in memory of a Logan girl whose body was found Wednesday.
5 years ago