Mental Health

Rep. Tyler Clancy, R-Provo, speaks about HB261 at the Capitol in Salt Lake City on Friday, Jan. 19,...
Aimee Cobabe

Lawmaker wants to increase maximum amount of time for involuntary civil commitments

Utah lawmakers are supporting a bill to increase the maximum amount of time for involuntary civil commitments.
8 days ago
woman with a therapeutic device on her head to treat depression...

A brain pacemaker helped a woman with crippling depression. It may soon be available to more people

Researchers say deep brain stimulation, or DBS — could eventually help many of the nearly 3 million Americans with treatment-resistance depression.
8 days ago
Mothers and mental health...
Mira Cheng, CNN

Maternal mental health conditions drive climbing death rate in US, research says

The maternal mortality rate in the US is two- to threefold greater than in other high-income countries and increasing.
8 days ago
Students walk to their buses after school at Rose Springs Elementary in Erda, Tooele County, on Thu...
Britt Johnson

Schools in Utah to get Kindness eWalls

Kindness eWalls display positive messages submitted by a school's students, teachers and parents.
9 days ago
Sour gummy worms colored in red, green, yellow, and blue...
Mariah Maynes

Can sour candy ease anxiety and panic attacks?

Experts say a TikTok trend where people suck on sour candy to ease anxiety or panic attacks, can work.  
10 days ago
Neuro-inclusive housing...
Devin Oldroyd

Neuro-inclusive housing: helping autistic adults find their independence

Over 50,000 people with autism enter adulthood every year. What resources when it comes to neuro-inclusive housing, does Utah offer to them?
13 days ago
social media...
Curt Gresseth and Don Brinkerhoff

Senate committee OK changes to Utah’s Social Media Regulations Act

A Utah lawmaker discusses his social media bill aimed to protect children while parents and a teen testify about loss of a son to suicide and the pain of addiction.
13 days ago
secret spending...
Curt Gresseth

Are you hiding secret spending from your spouse?

Are you a secret spender in a relationship? A national expert on personal finance offers help for couples caught up in financial infidelity.
17 days ago
Utah's First Lady Abby Cox will host the second annual Show up for Teachers Conference on Wednesday...
Curt Gresseth

Governor encouraging couples to check out virtual date night — tonight

The governor and first lady invite Utah couples to enjoy the fun of a virtual date night while learning how to make a marriage grow strong over time.
20 days ago
Michelle Lee

Try these posture-improving exercises

Let’s Get Moving Host Maria Shilaos spoke with Fascia and Posture Expert Dr. Liza Egbogah to learn some posture-improving exercises.
25 days ago
Elmo asked people online how they were doing. (X/@elmo)...
AJ Willingham, CNN

Elmo asked people online how they were doing. He got an earful

When Elmo posted a kind-hearted check-in this week on X, he learned that a lot of people are not doing well!
29 days ago
FILE: In this Monday, July 22, 2019, photo, Rachel Whalen looks at her phone at her home in Draper,...
Simone Seikaly

For now, people featured in deepfake porn have few options

There aren't a lot of avenues to criminally prosecute deepfake porn. But ten states are working on new laws, and so is at least one federal lawmaker.
1 month ago
Michelle Lee

Building friendships that enrich your life

Let’s Get Moving Host Maria Shilaos spoke with Friendship & Connection Coach Alex Friedman to learn how building friendships can enrich life.
1 month ago
Color swatches display shades of blue, green, red, and orange....
Mariah Maynes

Research suggests the colors in your home can impact mood

According to Mental Health America, color theory suggests that the colors you use in your home can have an impact on your moods. 
1 month ago
Rep. Tyler Clancy speaks about the anti-DEI bill that passed out of a committee meeting at the Capi...
Peter Johnston

New bill: developers get valuable Provo land, Utah gets more mental health facilities

A new bill would sell the land occupied by Utah State Hospital to developers. The profit would be used to create new Utah mental health facilities statewide.
1 month ago
Michelle Lee

Understanding your personality can improve your relationships

Let’s Get Moving Host Maria Shilaos spoke with Relationship Coach Lisa Sanders to learn how understanding personality can help relationships.
1 month ago
Michelle Lee

Finding greater happiness in life

Let’s Get Moving Host Maria Shilaos spoke with Dr. Milla Titova, to learn about finding greater happiness in our everyday life.
2 months ago
Psilocybe aka magic mushroom study specimen...
Emma Keddington

Researchers hope magic mushrooms study paves way for research into mental health benefits

The researchers were able to create a family tree for psilocybin, commonly referred to as magic mushrooms.
2 months ago
Client Cassie Wilkin, left, participates in individual therapy with Kelly Birch at CORE for Women, ...
Simone Seikaly

Coalition publishes document detailing needs, barriers in Utah behavioral health

A master plan released by the Utah Behavioral Health Coalition lists barriers to better behavioral health treatment in Utah.
2 months ago
Man killed in Delta jet engine...
Aimee Cobabe, KSL NEWSRADIO and Lindsay Aerts, KSL TV

Man killed in Delta jet engine at SLC Airport had a manic episode, family says

The family said that Kyler Efinger missed his flight on Monday. He was on his way to see his dying grandfather in Denver.
2 months ago
a veterinarian and girl hold a dog, suicide rates in veterinarians are a concern...
Hugo Rikard-Bell

Suicide rates in veterinarians far exceed national average, what can be done?

High suicide rates in veterinarians have been attributed to stressors like large workloads, low pay and difficult client relations.
2 months ago
New Year's resolution, new years celebration shown...
Emma Keddington

Give yourself grace and achievable goals for your New Year’s resolution, therapist says

It might be tempting to make a grand New Year's resolution but you might be setting yourself up for anxiety and disappointment.
2 months ago
71% of teens use YouTube at lease once a day as the video sharing platform is the most used social ...

Social media companies made $11 billion in US ad revenue from minors, Harvard study finds

The researchers say stronger regulations and greater transparency from tech companies could help alleviate harms to youth mental health.
2 months ago
A person stares at a holiday decorated table, stressed....
Mariah Maynes

Psychologist provides advice for easing holiday stress

While often called magical, the holiday season can also be stressful. Dr. Tom Golightly, a clinical psychologist, said that holiday stress is common. 
2 months ago