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  • Business

    Apartment vacancy rates in Salt Lake area at all-time low

    SALT LAKE CITY, Utah — For the eighth straight year, vacancy rates for rental apartments in the Salt Lake metro area have declined — down to the lowest rates ever. But the rising cost of apartment rents may squeeze affordability for many average local households. The vacancy rate is just 2.6 percent. It’s the lowest […]
  • All News

    Reasons to Hope: Part two, Crisis

    This week we in the KSL family are addressing suicide with stories on the radio on TV and online. In a crisis, people may not know where to turn. But there is help and hope available.  KSL Newsradio’s Mary Richards has part two of our special series, “Reasons to Hope.” Wednesday morning in Part 3, […]
  • Utah

    Roy High teacher on leave over quiz on students’ experience with sex, drugs

    ROY, Utah — A Roy high school teacher has been placed on administrative leave after handing students a survey that asked them about sex and drug use.   According to a parent who posted the survey on social media, the teacher told students to fill it out, with their names on it, and to score […]
  • Weather

    Get ready for a cool down in Utah

      SALT LAKE CITY, Utah — Get ready for weather whiplash. We are going from an expected high of 92 degrees on Monday, to 68 degrees on Friday. And it will be rainy. “This is a colder storm system coming our way. It will be a cool morning Saturday when it clears out,” said KSL […]
  • Utah

    Reasons to Hope: Part One, Attempt Survivors

      This is suicide prevention week, and here at KSL we are bringing you stories of hope, resilience, resources and recovery. On average, two Utahns die by suicide every day. 12 more are treated for attempts. No one knows exactly why the numbers are so high in our state, but these two Utahns in this […]
  • Weather

    Tampa braces for Hurricane Irma

    TAMPA — Experts fear Hurricane Irma could cause far more damage than Hurricane Andrew, even though it’s not quite as strong. In 1992, Hurricane Andrew hit Florida as a category 5 storm, causing $26 million dollars in damage. Even though building codes have improved greatly in the years since, if same size storm hit today, […]
  • 87 deaths on Utah’s roads during “100 Deadliest Days”

      WEST VALLEY CITY, Utah — The Utah Department of Transportation, Utah Highway Patrol, and Zero Fatalities updated the media on how the summer went in terms of traffic fatalities. They say there were 7 fewer lives lost. “It doesn’t sound like a lot, it sounds like 7, but that’s 7 husbands, daughters, sons, relatives, […]
  • Utah

    SLC council frustrated with ‘threats’ from state over prison development

    SALT LAKE CITY, Utah — The Salt Lake City Council says they are not getting as sweet of a deal as they were led to believe about the prison development. In Tuesday night’s meeting, they said the state is threatening to insert themselves in the process if the city drags its feet. The city also […]
  • Politics

    Utah family’s plea: give us a path to citizenship

    UTAH – At a glance the Sanchezs look like many other Utah families: a father who waves goodbye when he heads off to work, two children who dance around the living room and shout about their favorite “pretty” rocks, and a mother who wipes little tears and helps to keep the rest of the bunch […]
  • Utah

    Homes destroyed in fast-moving fire

    SOUTH WEBER –Six structures, five homes and one garage, were either destroyed or heavily damaged from the Uintah Fire.  Fire officials say the blaze had blackened more than 1,200 acres by 2:30 this afternoon. ​ The winds caused the blaze to spread extremely quick through dry brush.  Layton City Fire Marshal Doug Bitton says they […]