Utah backyard homes may become more abundant. (Megan Nielsen/Deseret News)...
Don Brinkerhoff

Utah cities are clearing the way for backyard homes

Several cities along the Wasatch Front are reportedly loosening their restrictions on so-called backyard homes.
2 days ago
Getting along with the in-laws can be a tricky - but essential - part of the marriage journey. Utah...
Emma Everett Johnson,

Struggling with in-laws? USU experts have some advice

Struggling with in-laws? You're not alone. The University of Utah has conducted a research study to help people out who have in-law troubles.
10 days ago
Foxtails are seeds dropped by wild grass. They can become easily attached to dog fur, as well as th...
Tammy Kikuchi

Dog moms and dads, be on the lookout for foxtail seeds

Wild grass seeds called foxtails can become embedded in a dogs fur, and may require surgery to remove.
13 days ago
59% of children targeted by predators online were 15 years old or younger, according to a new study...
Alexandrea Bonilla

Online enticement grows as children are targeted at younger ages

The median age of victims of online enticement is only 15 years old. Where are online predators getting to their victims?
15 days ago
food is sorted, kids more open to food insecurity during summer months...
Britt Johnson

Summertime leaves kids vulnerable to food insecurity

The president of the Utah Food Bank said kids who rely on school breakfast and lunch will face food insecurity this summer.
17 days ago
housing in rural utah...
Heather Peterson

New report explores similarities and differences in rural and urban Utahns

Researchers analyzed Census data, which showed that people in Utah’s urban and rural communities shared surprising similarities.
21 days ago
File: Day Two of the Girl Gamer Esports Festival in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Cyber security exp...
Aimee Cobabe

Parents, do you know who’s chatting with the kids on Roblox?

Roblox is an online gaming platform used by 71.5 million people every day. About half of those users are under age 13.
21 days ago
a utah child care provider and several children...
Amanda Dickson

Dickson: A look inside the child care crisis

You've heard about the child care crisis in Utah. Parents can't afford child care. Child care workers can't afford to live on what they make.
22 days ago
Disagree better toolkit...
Don Brinkerhoff

Local professors create ‘Disagree Better’ toolkit for parents

Professors created "Disagree Better" toolkit which includes free online courses to help parents teach kids ways to handle disagreements.
28 days ago
UTA trax train shown, uta offers summer youth pass...
Don Brinkerhoff

UTA summer youth pass now on sale

Utah kids can get around this summer with the UTA summer youth pass called Rider's License which are available through August.
29 days ago
KSL NewsRadio's Amanda Dickson gives thanks to Utah women and mother's everywhere this Mother's Day...
Amanda Dickson

Dickson: A salute to Utah women

KSL NewsRadio's anchor and host, Amanda Dickson gives salute to all Utah women and mothers for all they do this Mother's Day.
1 month ago
sign says "trans lives matter," the sign was for a protest about how slc school district was implem...
Heather Peterson

Implementation of new Utah bathroom law causes confusion in SLC School District

A new Utah bathroom law that takes effect on May 1 is at the center of some confusion about what schools do and don't need to do.
2 months ago
Natalie Cline attends the monthly meeting for the Utah State Board of Education, the first since th...
Lindsay Aerts

LISTEN: Utah School Board member Natalie Cline loses GOP convention bid

Controversial Utah State School Board member Natalie Cline lost her bid for reelection in District 9.
2 months ago
How to load the dishwasher might tax many a relationship. But there is a right way to do it....
Amanda Dickson

Dickson: Is there a right and wrong way to load the dishwasher?

For years, I've wondered if there is a right way and a wrong way to load the dishwasher. My husband says so, and Americans agree.
2 months ago
two seld dogs, Officials with Weber County Animal Services report three confirmed cases of canine p...
Simone Seikaly

Canine parvovirus reported in Weber County, shelter stops adoptions

Canine parvovirus attacks a dog's white blood cells and its gastrointestinal tract. It is highly contagious.
2 months ago
Erika Charles poses with her family. (Erika Charles)...
Brianna Chavez

Halted adoption process leaves Utah woman stuck in Haiti

A Utah woman said she and several other American families living in Haiti are unable to come back to the United States due to a halted adoption process.
3 months ago
Winston, the French Bulldog, winner of the Non-Sporting Group, competes in the 147th Annual Westmin...
JENNIFER PELTZ Associated Press

French bulldogs remain popular US breed in new rankings. Many fans aren’t happy

Some say the new rankings make Frenchies the nation's most popular canine. But longtime fans aren't celebrating.
3 months ago
marriage divorce Utah...
Allessandra Harris Gurr

Marriage rates rising, divorces decreasing nationally

The number of marriages across the U.S. has returned to pre-pandemic levels with 2022 showing the highest marriage rate since 2019.
3 months ago
tooele health department sign, the department is investigating counterfeit car seat cases...
Alex Cabrero, KSL TV

Four ways to figure out if you have a counterfeit car seat

The Tooele County Health Department says the registration card is one of the four most important things you can do to check for a counterfeit car seat.
3 months ago
The Delta Center shown...
Ben Anderson

Utah Jazz open mother’s rooms at Delta Center

The Jazz mother’s rooms are designed to accommodate mothers and infants at Jazz games, concerts, and other events.
3 months ago
(AP Photo/Rick Bowmer) Follow @amandadickson...
Amanda Dickson

Dickson: I’m committed to not texting my kids while they’re in school

Amanda Dickson says she's totally guilty of texting her kids while they're in school. She's committed to stoping it.
3 months ago
a toddler and her mom at discovery gateway, which is one of many organizations with summer camps in...
Eric Cabrera

The hunt for child care in the summer has begun in Utah

Summer camps in Utah, along with other childcare options, might be in high demand this year amid a childcare shortage.
3 months ago
A smartphone app can now help parents detect jaundice in their babies from home....
Clayre Scott

You can now detect jaundice in your newborn with an app

Intermountain Health hopes this jaundice-detecting app will ease the difficulty of treating babies with the condition, too.
3 months ago
a baby is held by santa, baby pictures...
Jeff Caplan

Jeff Caplan’s Minute of News: Are baby pictures really ‘priceless?’

Do you still have your kids' baby pictures? Looking back, it doesn’t matter how much you paid for them, because decades later, they’re priceless... right?
3 months ago