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  • AP

    Broken-hearted but not broken: New Zealand prays together

    "We are broken-hearted but we are not broken. We are alive. We are together. We are determined to not let anyone divide us," said Gamal Fouda the Al Noor mosque's imam that hosted
  • AP

    ‘Rise up!’ NZ students heal with haka after mosque attacks

    "Whenever I haka, I feel like I am from the tribe, standing with them — that all their spirits are with us," said high school student Georgia Horiana Myers Meihana, after she and her classmates finished reciting a karakia, or Maori prayer, at a flower memorial. "To us, it doesn't feel like we're just shouting words."
  • AP

    Facebook left millions of passwords readable by employees

    Facebook left hundreds of millions of user passwords readable by its employees for years, the company acknowledged Thursday.
  • AP

    A newborn monkey is a step to saving fertility of boys with cancer

    WASHINGTON (AP) — Scientists are closing in on a way to help young boys undergoing cancer treatment preserve their future fertility — and the proof is the first monkey born from the experimental technology. More and more people are surviving childhood cancer, but nearly 1 in 3 will be left infertile from the chemotherapy or […]
  • AP

    Police say Salvadoran suspect killed for meth

    RENO, Nev. (AP) — A detective says a Salvadoran immigrant charged with four Nevada murders told police he robbed and killed his elderly victims during a 10-day rampage in January because he needed money to buy methamphetamine. The detective told the grand jury, which indicted Wilber Ernesto Martinez-Guzman in Reno last week, the 20-year-old who […]
  • AP

    Where villages once stood, flooding creates an inland ocean in Africa

    CHIMANIMANI, Zimbabwe (AP) — A week after Cyclone Idai hit coastal Mozambique and swept across the country to Zimbabwe, the death, damage and flooding continues in southern Africa, making it one of the most destructive natural disasters in the region’s recent history. Floodwaters are rushing across the plains of central Mozambique, submerging homes, villages and […]
  • AP

    Trump’s invective at John McCain dismays some Republicans

    President Donald Trump aimed new blasts of invective at the late John McCain, even claiming credit for the senator's moving Washington funeral and complaining he was never properly thanked and his statements are garnering outcry from Republicans.
  • Crime

    ‘Full House’ to big house in college scheme? Experts differ

    Some of the wealthy parents accused of paying bribes to get their kids into top universities may get short stints behind bars, if convicted, to send a message that the privileged are not above the law, some lawyers say. But others predict that most, if not all, will end up with probation and a fine, particularly if they quickly agree to accept responsibility and cooperate, which observers anticipate many will do.
  • AP

    After mosque attacks, New Zealand bans ‘military-style’ guns

    New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern on Thursday announced a ban of "military-style" semi-automatic firearms and high-capacity magazines like those used in the shootings at Christchurch mosques last week.
  • AP

    5 tips on what to do with unwanted stuff

    NEW YORK (AP) — World-renowned tidying expert Marie Kondo is sparking joy among shoppers feeling the urge to clean out their homes of unwanted stuff. But once you master the Japanese organizing expert’s novel approach to de-cluttering, what do you do with all the stuff you don’t want? Charitable organizations like Goodwill have cited how […]