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  • Technology

    “Girls Who Code” clubs to launch statewide in Utah

    SALT LAKE CITY (Feb. 22, 2018)— In partnership with Adobe, Dell EMC, Girls Who Code and Microsoft, the Utah STEM Action Center announced the launch of the Utah Girls Who Code Club Network, at an event Thursday at Dell EMC.  Starting in the fall 2018 school year, nearly 50 clubs will be hosted at […]
  • Crime

    Utah company offering free concealed carry class for teachers, faculty

    SALT LAKE CITY — is offering a free concealed carry class and free permits to teachers, staff, administration, and students over age 18. The class is coming up on Saturday, March 3. Owner Bryan Melchior says in a video posted on their social media channels that it will prevent another school shooting. “Help us […]
  • Utah

    Claims of discrimination and retaliation up in Utah

    SALT LAKE CITY — Last year, Utah agencies saw a jump in the number of discrimination and retaliation claims in the workplace. There were 519 retaliation charges in 2017, which was 66 percent more than the year before, and more than 18-hundred claims of discrimination, up by more than a third. Protected classes include age, gender, race, pregnancy and […]
  • Health

    Vaping series part five: Quitting

    SALT LAKE CITY — All week long we have been exploring e-cigarette use and trends in Utah. Today, we finish our special series with a look at quitting. 16-year-old Kierra switched from smoking to vaping because she says she thinks it’s healthier. “And instead of buying a pack of cigarettes every day for 7 or 8 […]
  • Utah

    Vaping series part four: Industry

      Utah lawmakers are working to regulate e-cigarettes industry in Utah,  but the industry is growing rapidly, and fighting back.   Different bills have tried to address e-cigarette labeling, regulation, ingredients, and access to minors. “Not a single state who has fought longer or harder or faced a bigger attack against the industry than here […]
  • Utah

    Rating the Super Bowl commercials

    Chances are you’ll be talking about Super Bowl ads with family, friends or co-workers today. UVU researchers tracked eye movement and engagement, and they found the top ad to be the Doritos Blaze and Mountain Dew Ice rap battle. “I loved this ad, it was going so fast,” said Walt McRoberts with Richter 7 in […]
  • Business

    Mitt Romney addresses Silicon Slopes Tech Summit

    Mitt Romney talked about everything from failure, to America’s future in a speech to a technology crowd in Salt Lake City on Friday.  But no announcement yet on a Senate run.
  • AP

    Intermountain forming new drug company

    Intermountain Healthcare starting a not-for-profit company to be able to alleviate drug shortages and help people save money. They are joining forces with four other hospital systems to create the new company that will make generic drugs. Right now they call it project Rx, and they can’t say which drugs they will make, but they […]
  • Utah

    Pioneer Park Coalition looks to the future

    Advocates are working on big new plans for the Pioneer Park area of Salt Lake City, as they see success from Operation Rio Grande. The Pioneer Park Coalition says state, local and federal leaders and agencies have been working together to bust 3 major drug cartels in phase one, getting the Medicaid waiver in phase […]
  • Business

    Utah businesses work to clean the air

    Business leaders want to get to a goal of zero red air days along the Wasatch Front. The Salt Lake Chamber is encouraging more businesses to do more to clear the air, during times of trapped inversion in between winter storms. They have challenges and competitions going for companies to find more ways especially to […]