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  • Police search for woman accused of stabbing neighbor

    SALT LAKE CITY – Police are searching for a woman who they say almost killed her neighbor on the west side of Salt Lake City.  Investigators say they were called to the scene of an assault just after midnight on Arapahoe Drive.  Salt Lake Police Detective Robert Ungricht says, “Officers found a man in front […]
  • Utah

    Utah updates dashboard for Controlled Substance Database

    As Utah tries to fight the high number of people addicted to pain pills, state officials are turning more focus on the prescribers of those pills. And they have a new tool this week. On Thursday, a new dashboard goes live on the Controlled Substance Database for doctors and pharmacists to see just how many […]
  • Utah

    Murder-suicide suspected in deaths of four

    MAPLETON — Police believe murder-suicide is behind the deaths of four people and a dog, found inside a Mapleton home overnight. Officers responded to the home near 1500 North and S.R. 89 Thursday night after a neighbor reported the lights in the house had been off for days and yet none of the family vehicles […]
  • Crime

    Liberty Wells residents ‘scared’ of Operation Rio Grande spillover

    People who live around Liberty Park say their neighborhood is now unsafe, because of Operation Rio Grande. A community meeting last night had residents of the Liberty Wells area telling Salt Lake leadership that they are scared.   They say parties of dozens of people will come to apartments where people who have been given housing vouchers […]
  • Utah

    Feds helping Utah tackle drug addiction

    A new program just launched in Utah to tackle prescription drug addiction head-on through all angles. DEA agent in charge Brian Besser says the crisis is overwhelming. “Every month 30 Utahns die from drug overdoses,” he said. “Every 25 minutes in our nation, a baby is born addicted to drugs.” He announced the DEA360 program […]
  • Faith

    Pastor France Davis talks about Texas church shootings

    Pastor France Davis of Salt Lake’s Calvary Baptist Church, says churches used to be sanctuaries, where people felt safe. “More and more these days, with more and more people being violent in terms of their behavior, more and more people have mental problems on the streets, and more and more guns readily available for people […]
  • Crime

    Woman assaulted by car thieves in West Valley

    Police are searching for four teenage Polynesian males after they stole a woman’s car early Saturday morning. The teens approached the 42-year-old woman and demanded she get out of the car. She refused, and the pulled her out. They threatened to throw her in the trunk, but she fought them off. “The suspects weren’t sure […]
  • Crime

    St George police say scammer called them from Nigeria

      St George, UTAH– Police say a man from Nigeria called dispatch to report a local woman was supposed to send him money.   In the call, the man says he thought he could trust the woman, who he says was a friend on Facebook.   He says he can’t send money via Western Union […]
  • Utah

    U of U identifies student killed in shooting

    The following pictures are from a Facebook profile that a University of Utah spokesman says is ChenWei Guo, the victim of a deadly shooting at the mouth of Red Butte Canyon Monday night. The following letter was sent to the University of Utah campus community at 4:10 AM Tuesday morning: A TRAGIC EVENT ON OUR […]
  • Crime

    One man is dead after a Halloween party fight in Ogden

    OGDEN — The Ogden Police Department is seeking anyone with information about the death of a man at a Halloween party in Ogden to come forward. Ogden Police Department Captain Danielle Croyle says party attenders crossing the street and some people in the car crossed paths. “The car then leaves the area, and a short […]