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  • Education

    Deal between Our Schools Now, Utah lawmakers moves forward

    SALT LAKE CITY — A proposed deal between lawmakers and backers of the Our Schools Now initiative to raise income and sales taxes to bring in $700 million for education moved forward Wednesday with the passage of last-minute legislation. The legislation approved by the House Political Subdivisions Committee allows voters to tell lawmakers in November […]
  • Education

    Utah education budget taking shape

    Lawmakers are looking at giving Utah public schools another 36 million dollars just for enrollment growth next year. Utah schools are expected to get more than 7,600 more students in the fall, and SB2 would increase the WPU by 4 percent. The bill’s sponsor calls it a substantial increase. Lawmakers are also still negotiating with […]
  • Education

    Ogden School District holding town halls for school closures proposals

    Ogden residents, parents, and teachers are invited to town halls every night this week to talk about possible school closures. The first was Monday night at Taylor Canyon. Ogden School District spokesman Jer Bates says this is not an easy thing to talk about. “They came with concerns, but they came ready to have an […]
  • Crime

    Opposition to college sexual assault reporting bill in Utah

    Victim advocates are concerned that a bill may come back in Utah that would mandate criminal reporting of campus sexual assaults. HB 254 ran out of time Monday to be heard, and it may not make it back before the session ends. Supporters say colleges need a way to stop rapists and perpetrators of sexual […]
  • Crime

    Organizers say they held perhaps the largest gun class ever in Utah

    Saturday in a warehouse in Sandy, the Utah Gun Exchange held a free concealed carry class for teachers, educators, and any student over age 18. They say it was packed; perhaps with 1,000 people. No media was allowed inside to respect the attendees’ privacy, but online posts from the organizers and some of the around […]
  • Education

    Utah School Safety Commission to launch

    Utah lawmakers will launch a special task force to study how the state can prevent school shootings. Alpine Representative Mike Kennedy says the task force consists of diverse community stakeholders, including lawmakers, doctors, professors, parents, teachers and more. They’ll release more information in a news conference Thursday morning. The goal is to work on a […]
  • Education

    Teen sexting is more common than previously thought

    Local educators say you need to talk to your teen about sexting, because chances are, they are already doing it. A new study from the journal JAMA Pediatrics says at least one in four teens are receiving sexually explicit messages, and at least one in seven are sending those pics or videos. “Teenagers are impulsive, […]
  • Technology

    “Girls Who Code” clubs to launch statewide in Utah

    SALT LAKE CITY (Feb. 22, 2018)— In partnership with Adobe, Dell EMC, Girls Who Code and Microsoft, the Utah STEM Action Center announced the launch of the Utah Girls Who Code Club Network, at an event Thursday at Dell EMC.  Starting in the fall 2018 school year, nearly 50 clubs will be hosted at […]
  • Weber County offering gun safety classes for teachers

    WEBER COUNTY – The recent school shooting in Florida has reportedly sparked renewed interest from educators to learn how they can better protect themselves during a shooting.  The Weber County Sheriff’s Office is reminding people there are classes specifically designed for this. There’s a lot of debate about whether or not teachers should be carrying […]
  • Education

    All Utah students, educators and parents urged to download SafeUT app

    From your smartphone — you can instantly chat or call a licensed crisis counselor about issues ranging from bullying to suicide. It’s the SafeUT App. You can submit a tip to your school if you see something that makes you feel threatened or uncomfortable. This resource is available 24 hours a day — 7 days […]