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  • Education

    Deal between Our Schools Now, Utah lawmakers moves forward

    SALT LAKE CITY — A proposed deal between lawmakers and backers of the Our Schools Now initiative to raise income and sales taxes to bring in $700 million for education moved forward Wednesday with the passage of last-minute legislation. The legislation approved by the House Political Subdivisions Committee allows voters to tell lawmakers in November […]
  • Education

    Utah education budget taking shape

    Lawmakers are looking at giving Utah public schools another 36 million dollars just for enrollment growth next year. Utah schools are expected to get more than 7,600 more students in the fall, and SB2 would increase the WPU by 4 percent. The bill’s sponsor calls it a substantial increase. Lawmakers are also still negotiating with […]
  • Politics

    Romney reacts to report that Kremlin blocked Secretary of State post

    SALT LAKE CITY — Did Russia block Mitt Romney from becoming secretary of state? That’s the new claim surfacing Monday from The New Yorker. The magazine says a memo from former British spy Christopher Steele notes that the Russian government blocked Mitt Romney as a choice for secretary of state. Steele’s dossier on President Donald […]
  • Crime

    Opposition to college sexual assault reporting bill in Utah

    Victim advocates are concerned that a bill may come back in Utah that would mandate criminal reporting of campus sexual assaults. HB 254 ran out of time Monday to be heard, and it may not make it back before the session ends. Supporters say colleges need a way to stop rapists and perpetrators of sexual […]
  • Crime

    Organizers say they held perhaps the largest gun class ever in Utah

    Saturday in a warehouse in Sandy, the Utah Gun Exchange held a free concealed carry class for teachers, educators, and any student over age 18. They say it was packed; perhaps with 1,000 people. No media was allowed inside to respect the attendees’ privacy, but online posts from the organizers and some of the around […]
  • Crime

    Larger crime ring in Canada busted after huge drug bust in Utah

  • Homeless

    Senate bill advances to share the cost of public safety for new shelters

  • Utah

    Bill would let drivers go through red lights in Utah

    Ever get stuck at a red light that never seems to change? HB 416 would allow drivers stuck at red lights, when there are no other cars or pedestrians around, to advance without penalty. It’s meant to address technology issues like sensors not working. The bill’s sponsor, Representative Ken Ivory, calls it “common sense, safe-on-red” […]
  • Utah

    ACLU of Utah sues ICE, US Marshals over raids of Heber City home

    A lawsuit filed Tuesday says federal agents terrorized a family originally from Mexico living in Heber City last year. The ACLU of Utah says ICE agents and US Marshals twice raided the home with assault rifles and a battering ram, without a warrant, taking into custody a woman while her four grandchildren were put outside […]
  • Utah

    Utah legislature debating removing some medical forms to drive

    A bill is gaining support that would get rid of some of the medical forms to drive in Utah. The driver license division estimates about 168,000 Utahns need such forms every year. Representative Ray Ward wants to streamline the process. “HB 184 just makes a couple of changes to the form, to cut down on […]