Image of a tomato plant...
Caitlyn Johnston

Tomato trouble: Why tomato plants failed this year

Have you been having tomato trouble? 🍅 Taun and Maria paid a visit to the USU Botanical gardens where Sheriden Hansen explains why growing tomatoes has been such a challenge this year! Watch to learn more!  Listen live every Saturday from 8-11am Listen at 102.7 FM, 1160 AM,, or on the KSL Newsradio app. […]
6 days ago
Host Maria Shilaos visits Michael and Cheryl Ackley's desert garden. The garden various things to s...
Devin Oldroyd

Taking a look at a backyard turned desert garden

Host Maria Shilaos visits Michael and Cheryl Ackley's desert garden. The garden various things to see, such as desert plants, a western town and a revamped train caboose.
19 days ago
Image of a tomato plant...
Chandler Holt

How does heat impact vegetables?

The heat has been no joke so far this summer. The sun is great for many plants, but the heat is another story. 
26 days ago
Container gardens could provide an easy way to have access to emergency food supply...
Maria Shilaos

Container gardening could be the next best way to prepare for an emergency

Growing your own food with container gardening is a wonderful way to be better prepared for an emergency whether it is an earthquake, a food shortage caused by world events, or a buffer against rising food prices.
28 days ago
Maria Shilaos ana Taun Beddes learn to grow vegetables with Mat Jentzsch...
Carlos Artiles Fortun

How to grow vegetables in containers

Maria Shilaos and Taun Beddes visit Mathew Jentzsch to learn how to grow vegetables in containers for easy, convenient growing.
4 months ago
Learning about gardening season from the USU Botanical Center...
Ryder Spotts

Your gardening season can be extended with these simple tips

Recently, KSL Greenhouse Show hosts Taun Beddes and Maria Shilaos explored the best ways to extend your gardening season.
5 months ago
subscription boxes for home - home maintenance...
Taun Beddes

The good and bad of garden catalogs

The Good and The Bad of Garden Catalogs One of my favorite things is getting plant catalogs in the dead of winter. I enjoy seeing all of the wonderful plants. I have noticed that other gardeners also love these catalogs but are sometimes disappointed when the plants they ordered fail. As with most things research […]
7 months ago
Carlos Artiles Fortun

The art of gardening

SALT LAKE CITY — Growing a garden can be a tedious task, especially if you do it in your own backyard as a hobby. If you are looking into inspiration for your own garden, look no further than Randy Blackburn’s garden. In the latest episode of the KSL Greenhouse, host Maria Shilaos went to visit his […]
11 months ago
How to tell if the melon is ripe...
Carlos Artiles Fortun

KSL Greenhouse | How to choose the tastiest melon and know if they are ripe

Many people don't know how to choose the best melon from the store or garden, and how to know when they are ripe. Here, we've got you covered.
1 year ago
Park city trees...
Carlos Artiles Fortun

Conserving energy with trees

Conserving summer energy with trees is easy with the right kind of tree, which can also help warm your home in the winter!
1 year ago
Blossom end rot...
Carlos Artiles Fortun

How to prevent blossom-end rot

Blossom-end rot is a disease affecting tomato, eggplant and watermelon fruits growing in Utah. Here's how to nip it in the bud!
1 year ago
How to create a succulent garden...
Caitlyn Johnston

How to create a succulent garden

SALT LAKE CITY — Do you want to know how to create a succulent garden in your own backyard? Tune into the video below as KSL Greenhouse Show host, Maria Shilaos, takes you through the process of how to create a succulent garden!   How to create a succulent garden The KSL Greenhouse is on […]
1 year ago
Curt Gresseth

To keep your green lawn during drought, listen to the pro

Keeping your lawn green during a drought.
1 year ago
Tomatoes in high temperatures...
Carlos Artiles Fortun

Taking care of tomatoes during high temperatures

Tomatoes might take some extra time to ripen due to Utah's streak of hot days. But there are things you can do to help them along.
1 year ago
Carlos Artiles Fortun

How to keep grass alive but dormant during the drought

Utah’s record heat combined with the drought is making a lot of people rethink the way they water their lawn. Watering your lawn using less water and letting it go dormant is a great solution that can save thousands of gallons a year per household. Dr. Kelly Kopp, an Extension Water Conservation and Turfgrass Specialist […]
1 year ago
How to plant an alternative lawn...
Caitlyn Johnston

How to plant an alternative lawn, and when not to

Liz Braithwaite, a horticulturist from Brigham City shares how to plant an alternative lawn.
1 year ago
Students from American Fork High School gathered to begin work on a project to create a healing gro...
Mary Richards

Heart of Utah: Students plan and plant healing grove in Lehi

Students from American Fork High School have been leading a project to help peers with anxiety and depression through a healing grove, and work is underway.
1 year ago
drought hardy perennials and annuals...
Caitlyn Johnston

Drought hardy perennials and annuals

The drought has gardeners thinking twice about what to plant in their garden. Learn more about drought hardy perennials and annuals.
1 year ago
How to care for geraniums...
Caitlyn Johnston

How to care for Geraniums with J&J Garden Center

It’s all about Geraniums at J&J Garden Center! Andy Stevenson explained to Taun and Maria the many varieties they have in stock and how to care for Geraniums.  They can be a perfect gift for your loved one!  How to care for Geraniums     Listen to more of the conversation with J&J Garden Center! […]
1 year ago
spring garden containers...
Caitlyn Johnston

Spring Garden Containers with Olson’s Greenhouse

Spring garden containers are the perfect project as we get back into warm weather. Olson's Greenhouse's Brian Lloyd demonstrates how
1 year ago
How to create succulent baskets for Spring...
Caitlyn Johnston

How to create succulent baskets for Spring

Spring is here! As we await warmer temperatures Maria Shilaos from the KSL Greenhouse Show shares her creativity with succulents once again! Watch the video below and learn how to create succulent baskets for spring!  Did you try this project? Leave us a comment about how it went on our Facebook our YouTube video!  Listen […]
1 year ago
how to care for carole mackie daphne...
Caitlyn Johnston

How to care for Carole Mackie Daphne

Daphne’s can be a finicky plant to grow, so the KSL Greenhouse Show discussed how to care for Carole Mackie Daphne as the plant of the week.  Carole Mackie Daphne is a variegated variety that grows 3-4 feet tall and wide with leaves that grow in a whorled pattern. These fragrant flowers appear mid-spring in […]
1 year ago
Dig around town Aug 13...
KSL Greenhouse Show

KSL Greenhouse Show’s Dig Around Town Community Calendar

The KSL Greenhouse Show is launching a community calendar called Dig Around Town, to bring you March local gardening events! 
1 year ago
Starting succulents from cuttings...
Caitlyn Johnston

Starting succulents from cuttings

Starting succulents from cuttings can be a fun activity for experimental gardeners.
1 year ago

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