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Curt Gresseth

“Not unexpected” said Dr. Dunn after mask mandates in Utah shot down

Exec. director at Salt Lake County Health, Dr. Angela Dunn discusses repealing mask mandates in Utah and the importance of face masks in public.
2 hours ago
salt lake city mask exemption...
Kate Davis, Aimee Cobabe

BREAKING: dozens of students in the Salt Lake City district received a mask exemption

The Salt Lake City School District reported the number of students in each school who received a mask mandate exemption. 
2 days ago
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Eliza Craig

Weber High School surpasses COVID-19 case threshold, moves online

On Tuesday, Weber High School confirmed 46 positive COVID-19 cases, surpassing its threshold for in-person learning.
2 days ago
substance abuse...
Simone Seikaly

Salt Lake City School District to move all schools remote next week

The Salt Lake City School Board will hold an emergency session on Friday night, Jan. 14, to discuss the possibility of going to all-remote learning.
6 days ago
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Paul Nelson

Park City High School starts ‘test to stay’ protocol for COVID-19, other schools likely to follow

The 'test to stay' protocol is now being enforced at Park City High School after a high number of COVD-19 cases.
13 days ago
Utah children and COVID-19 kids spread COVID-19 herd immunity...
Paul Nelson

Utah children and COVID: four have died, child vaccinations are above average

The number of Utah children that died of COVID-19 is low, health officials fear that may lull parents into false security.
14 days ago
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US advisers endorse Pfizer COVID boosters for younger teens

Earlier this week, the FDA authorized a Pfizer booster for kids ages 12 to 15 as well. But first, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention must sign off.
15 days ago
TikTok ban...
Curt Gresseth

Is it time for parents to remove kids from social media?

The Granite School District asks parents to take their children off social media if they can't monitor their kids' use of the apps.
16 days ago
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Paul Nelson

Health officials see a high number of young kids getting COVID-19 vaccine

The COVID-19 vaccine has been available to kids ages 5-11 for just over a week, UDOH reports 36,774 kids in that age group have received at least one dose.
2 months ago
football coach...
Curt Gresseth

Religious exemption or not, Washington State coach loses job

A religious exemption won't keep you from being terminated from your job because you refuse to get vaccinated, said a Utah defense attorney.
3 months ago
University of Utah...
Nick Wyatt

University of Utah asks for COVID-19 tests ahead of return from fall break

The University of Utah is asking students, staff, and faculty to get tested for COVID-19 before returning to campus from fall break.
3 months ago
substance abuse...
Mark Jackson

Bi-yearly survey finds youth substance abuse, vaping decreasing

The Student Health and Risk Prevention Survey is designed to help Utah educators and others track youth trends and plan for change.
3 months ago
school mask mandates...
Nick Wyatt

Health department: Salt Lake City schools lowest risk of student COVID-19

The Salt Lake City School District has the lowest cumulative risk for student COVID-19 infection in Salt Lake County.
4 months ago
FILE PHOTO (AP Photo/Ted S. Warren, File)...
Nick Wyatt

September COVID-19 school cases lower than previous projection

The state health department projected as many as 39,000 school-age cases through September, but there have been about 9,200.
4 months ago
school classrooms...
Curt Gresseth

A hidden consequence of Utah’s crowded classrooms?

Utah's crowded classrooms are a product of crowded classrooms reports Envision Utah, especially as teachers leave the profession.
4 months ago
(File photo: Heidi Diedker, a registered nurse with the Davis School District, times several COVID-...
Paul Nelson

Syracuse Elementary to require students be tested for COVID-19

One school is requiring students to be tested for COVID-19 before they can return to class.
4 months ago
test to stay tooele county tooele high...
Nick Wyatt

Tooele County issues mask order for schools meeting COVID-19 threshold

The Tooele County mask order says schools with specific numbers of COVID-19 cases will be required to wear masks for a period of 30 days.
5 months ago
vaccine mandate...
Curt Gresseth

Yes, businesses and colleges can legally keep the unvaccinated out

Some people argue that businesses that require vaccines for employees or ask people if they are unvaccinated violate the Constitution. Here's what we found out.
5 months ago
salt lake mask mandate student talks to superintendent...
Paul Nelson

Students in Salt Lake City School District won’t be disciplined for not wearing masks

SALT LAKE CITY — So, are masks required in the Salt Lake City School District, or not?  District officials say they still want students to keep their faces covered while in class, but it doesn’t appear that kids will get in trouble if they don’t.  When the school year started, officials with the Salt Lake […]
5 months ago
University of Utah graduation ceremony, May 6, 2017, Nick Wyatt, KSL Newsradio...
Nick Wyatt

Petition asking U. to mandate vaccines gets significant community response

Droves of students, faculty, and hospital staff are signing a petition urging the University of Utah to require vaccines.
5 months ago
Weber-Morgan Health mask...
Dan Bammes

Weber-Morgan Health Department won’t impose school mask mandates

The Weber-Morgan Board of Health voted Monday to consult with local county elected officials before imposing mask mandates on schools.
5 months ago
possibly exposed to covid...
Nick Wyatt

Salt Lake City schools following health department guidance after teachers possibly exposed to COVID-19

A group of Salt Lake City School District teachers was possibly exposed to COVID-19 at a district-wide meeting last week.
5 months ago
west high school salt lake city mask mandate...
Paul Nelson

Salt Lake City begins classes with school mask mandate in effect

How strict is the mandate for Salt Lake City schools?  Educators say they won't be heavy-handed.
5 months ago

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