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  • Faith

    Brussels bombing survivor says faith, forgiveness key to healing

    A survivor of the Brussels bombing says forgiveness was key to his overall healing.   Mason Wells, from Sandy Utah, was on an LDS mission when he was severely injured by a terrorist attack at the Brussels airport in April 2016.   He spent weeks in the hospital recovering.   Now he’s written a book […]
  • Education

    Utah State School Board member talks middle school reqs

    A state school board member says there should be more flexibility, but also safeguards to make sure all students are getting opportunities in middle school for the arts, PE and health. Kathleen Riebe says her mind has changed to say there should be more flexibility. “I like having the guardrails in place of keeping it […]
  • Education

    BYU starts selling caffeinated soda on campus

    PROVO, Utah– Brigham Young University is now selling caffeinated soda for the first time in more than 50 years on campus.   It announced the decision here,along with a Q&A.     Listen below for some of the reactions.
  • Faith

    Reasons to Hope: Part three, recovery

      Family members of someone who dies by suicide are suddenly thrown into a new world of grief and shock. But recovery is possible for them, and for attempt survivors as well. KSL Newsradio’s Mary Richards has part three of our special series, “Reasons to Hope.” If you or a loved one is having thoughts […]
  • All News

    Reasons to Hope: Part two, Crisis

    This week we in the KSL family are addressing suicide with stories on the radio on TV and online. In a crisis, people may not know where to turn. But there is help and hope available.  KSL Newsradio’s Mary Richards has part two of our special series, “Reasons to Hope.” Wednesday morning in Part 3, […]
  • Utah

    Reasons to Hope: Part One, Attempt Survivors

      This is suicide prevention week, and here at KSL we are bringing you stories of hope, resilience, resources and recovery. On average, two Utahns die by suicide every day. 12 more are treated for attempts. No one knows exactly why the numbers are so high in our state, but these two Utahns in this […]
  • Education

    Two Provo women save a life with Heimlich Manuever

    PROVO, UTAH — Two Provo School District employees say they are not heroes; they were just in the right place at the right time when they saved a woman who was choking this week at lunch. Tina Fluehe and Juliana Marsh were eating lunch at Molly’s in Provo on Tuesday, when they saw an older […]
  • Health

    New interest at Capitol in eliminating sales tax on food

    SALT LAKE CITY — There was a surprising amount of interest Wednesday in eliminating sales taxes entirely from food purchases among members of the Legislature’s Revenue and Taxation Interim Committee. “People have to eat. So I have a real concern about being cavalier about this,” Sen. Deidre Henderson, R-Spanish Fork, said. “I think we need […]
  • Health

    Utah authorities warn of rabid bats after an 8th tests positive

    SALT LAKE CITY — Utah health officials are warning anyone who comes into contact with bats to report that exposure right away, because of the risk of rabies. The Utah Department of Agriculture and Food confirmed eight bats have tested positive for rabies this year to date. In addition, state officials say that exposure may […]
  • Health

    Intermountain live-tweets cancer surgery

    MURRAY — A cancer doctor at Intermountain Healthcare is recovering from surgery today to remove his own cancer, and he allowed the whole experience to be blogged and live-tweeted.   Surgical oncologist Dr. Mark Ott says his colleague, Dr. Mark Lewis, wanted his surgery shared publicly to raise awareness. “I don’t think there’s anything more […]