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  • AP

    Intermountain forming new drug company

    Intermountain Healthcare starting a not-for-profit company to be able to alleviate drug shortages and help people save money. They are joining forces with four other hospital systems to create the new company that will make generic drugs. Right now they call it project Rx, and they can’t say which drugs they will make, but they […]
  • Health

    Possible hepatitis A exposure at 2 eateries in Spanish Fork

    An urgent update this morning in a Hepatitis A outbreak happening right here in Utah – customers of *MORE* locations told they need to contact the health department immediately. Late Tuesday night the Utah County Health Department said customers may have been exposed at a Sonic drive-in at 971 North Main Street in Spanish Fork. […]
  • Health

    Health officials warn of hepatitis A exposure at 7-Eleven in West Jordan

    WEST JORDAN — Exposure to hepatitis A may have occurred at a 7-Eleven in West Jordan after an infected employee worked while ill and potentially handled certain items in the store. The possible exposure would have occurred at the 7-Eleven located at 2666 W. 7800 South between Dec. 26 and Jan. 3. Anyone possibly exposed […]
  • Health

    FDA cracking down on some homeopathy companies

    Authorities say it’s good to hear that the Food and Drug Administration will start looking more closely at homeopathic products. Babies were having seizures from certain homeopathic teething tablets. Other people were finding that their product or treatment was really just an expensive vial of water. There’s also the worry about contamination “Right now, FDA […]
  • Business

    Utah businesses work to clean the air

    Business leaders want to get to a goal of zero red air days along the Wasatch Front. The Salt Lake Chamber is encouraging more businesses to do more to clear the air, during times of trapped inversion in between winter storms. They have challenges and competitions going for companies to find more ways especially to […]
  • Health

    CDC: Youth suicide increased 141% in Utah

    An alarming trend is happening in Utah—many more youth are dying by suicide in our state than in other states, and now health officials and advocates are trying to find out why. Listen to the report below, or read more here
  • Health

    U survey: Nearly 1 in 3 physicians unhappy with costs of health care

    Physicians’ rate of dissatisfaction with what they charge for health care is higher than patients’ unhappiness with what they pay, according to the findings of a national survey released Wednesday by University of Utah Health. Only 13 percent of 5,031 American patients surveyed said they were at least somewhat dissatisfied with the price they paid […]
  • Health

    Snail Venom: the new and improved opioid?

    A University of Utah research team is turning snail venom into a pain reliever they hope will replace highly addictive opioids. 800 different varieties can be found in the Phillipines, all with their own kind of venom. “Hopeful that we can come up with a whole variety of different possibilities,” said Baldomero “Toto” Olivera, lead […]
  • Health

    Utah health officials fighting Hepatitis A outbreak

    Utah is dealing with a large number of Hepatitis A cases, as an outbreak from other states reached here. It’s a contagious liver disease. Utah normally has 4 or 5 cases a year, but now they have 87 since May. And the hospitalizations are much higher at over 60%. Health officials normally see less than […]
  • Utah

    Utah updates dashboard for Controlled Substance Database

    As Utah tries to fight the high number of people addicted to pain pills, state officials are turning more focus on the prescribers of those pills. And they have a new tool this week. On Thursday, a new dashboard goes live on the Controlled Substance Database for doctors and pharmacists to see just how many […]