Andy's KSL-TV #WhatToWatch: “The Suicide Squad” for hardcore fans and “Vivo” for families

Andy Farnsworth joins KSL-TV to help audiences decipher #WhatToWatch for the weekend of August 6, 2021. After the painful flop of DC Comics & Warner Bros Pictures “Suicide Squad” in 2016, the studios decided to reboot the concept with a different and highly successful Marvel movie director (James Gunn of “Guardians of the Galaxy” fame) and he was given almost carte-blanche to do what he wanted, apparently with no restraint. Thus resulting in “The Suicide Squad” a hyper-violent & bloody sequel Is for hardcore fans only. Meanwhile in the streaming universe, Netflix’s energetic & colorful animated musical ‘Vivo’ is a perfect movie for family night at home.  It’s up to audiences to decide what will end up on their screens, but Andy is here to help you make the choice about what is possibly appropriate for your tastes.  Beyond Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Gaming and Tech, the brains behind Fan Effect are connoisseurs of categories surpassing the nerdy. Brilliant opinions and commentary on all things geek, but surprising knowledge and witty arguments over pop culture, Star Trek, MARVEL vs DC, and a wide range of movies, TV shows, and more. Formerly known as SLC Fanboys, the show is hosted byAndy Farnsworth andKellieAnn Halvorsen, who are joined by guest-experts. Based in the beautiful beehive state, Fan Effect celebrates Utah’s unique fan-culture as it has been declared The Nerdiest State in America by TIME.    Listen regularly on your favorite platform, at kslnewsradio.com, or on the KSL App.Join the conversation on Facebook @FanEffectShow, Instagram @FanEffectShow, and Twitter @FanEffectShow. Fan Effect is sponsored byMegaplex Theatres, Utah's premiere movie entertainment company. 

Published: Friday, August 06, 2021   |   Runtime: 09:06

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