"Dear God - are you there?"

(FICTION)  When Maddie asked her husband for a divorce, he didn't seem surprised. He left without argument. She went straight to Con and left a note on his car, "He's gone." In this episode we watch Con and Maddie's relationship develop, and we feel the excruciating pain Maddie is in as she realizes what kind of a person Con is. She learns that he has a child he never sees and seems to care not at all about. We see Maddie at her lowest and begin to wonder - could she have killed herself? A Gentle Thief is a fictional podcast written and performed by Amanda Dickson. Dickson is heard weekday mornings from 5:00-9:00 on Salt Lake City's KSL Newsradio. 

Published: Monday, April 23, 2018   |   Runtime: 14:49

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