Why "Downton Abbey" Continues to Charm Fans Even After the Series' End

All it takes is the soft tinkling of piano keys starting the familiar theme to "Downton Abbey" and millions of fans are immediately transported to 1920's England once more.  Now with a new hit movie in theaters, fans have another chance to revisit the Crawley family and their beloved servants. In this episode, Andy Farnsworth is joined by KSL NewsRadio reporters and huge "Downton Abbey" fans Mary Richards and Heather Kelly to discuss the new movie and how both fans and non-fans will react, their hopes for the future of the franchise, and why non-fans could be forgiven for thinking they're watching a "Harry Potter" sequel.  Plus, you'll hear from some fans that attended the big "Downton" premiere screening in full period costume.  Whether you're a long-time DA fan or just someone curious as to what the fuss is about, there's something for you in this episode!

Published: Wednesday, September 25, 2019   |   Runtime: 01:10:15

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