Military members get lots of vaccinations - why pushback on Covid?

We saw a story this week about some employees at Hill Air Force Base who have refused the direct order from the Commander in Chief to get vaccinated against Covid. KSL Newsradio's Amanda Dickson thought that, in and of itself, was strange for members of the military, but then she looked at the long list of vaccinations they all have to get, including flu, measles, mumps, polio, rubella, tetanus, hep A, hep A, plague, rabies, varicella, small pox, typhoid, sometimes cholera and more. Why when they get to Covid do they say, "NO WAY!" She asked her guests to help her understand. Her guests this week include Susan Wood, the Director of Communications for the Utah League of Cities and Towns, Holly Willard, the owner of Grand View Family Counseling in Bountiful and Shauna Cheshire who's been a nurse with Intermountain Healthcare for 26 years. 

Published: Friday, November 05, 2021   |   Runtime: 07:36

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