Going Inside the Mind of "JOKER"...Whether We Want To Or Not

Joker, perhaps the most iconic comic book villain of all time, has his own movie now... made by director Todd Phillips and starring Joaquin Phoenix.  The movie has drawn both praise and criticism for its grounded portrayal of a character who is an unapologetic, psychopathic murderer in the source material. In this episode, Andy Farnsworth welcomes back former podcast partner Tysen Webb, DC Comics superfan and KSL NewsRadio Movie Show producer KellieAnn Halvorsen, and first-time guest Herb Scribner of DeseretNews.com and a freelance contributor for Huffington Post, for some group therapy--errrr--spirited discussion about the new film, including: Phoenix's riveting portrayal; the issues the movie raises about mental illness and violence; the nods to the Batman mythology; and debate whether we even needed to know how Joker came to be, and if the film's cinematic achievements are enough to offset the disturbing content and imagery. (NOTE: THIS EPISODE CONTAINS SPOILERS FOR THE MOVIE "JOKER") Fan Effect is a pop culture podcast that goes beyond Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Gaming, and Tech, to categories surpassing the nerdy. Formerly known ast SLC Fanboys, the show is hosted by Andy Farnsworth, Adam Thomas, and Tysen Webb. Listen weekly on your favorite platform, at kslnewsradio.com, or on the KSL App. Follow us on Facebook @FanEffectShow and Twitter @FanEffectShow.   

Published: Friday, October 04, 2019   |   Runtime: 01:21:51

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