Thoughts After a 9-Episode Star Wars Movie Theater Marathon

There's an old saying about having too much of a good thing.  It implies that at some point, we could get tired of even things we love.  Eating one doughnut can be a delicious experience, but eating a dozen doughnuts at once can make you sick and maybe make you not want one for a long time.  But is it true for all good things? Say, for instance...Star Wars? "Fan Effect" host Andy Farnsworth and Deseret.com entertainment editor Herb Scribner got to watch all 9 (IX?) Star Wars saga films in a row during a 24-hour marathon at Megaplex Theaters leading up to and including the premiere of "The Rise of Skywalker".  Now they're here to talk about the experience, including new observations on each of the trilogies and new appreciations for moments in that galaxy far, far, away. Become a subscriber! Apple: http://apple.co/29GHS9n Android: http://ow.ly/rLye308qZ7c Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/show/5Uw892ZhBFrW4T8Xo2xSf3

Published: Wednesday, January 08, 2020   |   Runtime: 01:46:11

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