Healing The Whole Veteran: Body, Mind, & Spirit (Audio)

Shella Stovall, VA Medical Center Director, along with Nena Saunders, Associate Director Quality And Safety Systems, join VA Communications Director Jill Atwood for a very candid conversation about health care for veterans. The purpose of the VA is to provide top notch health care to veterans.  The Salt Lake VA Medical Center is a four star health care facility and provides comprehensive health services to veterans.  The Salt Lake Medical Center also performs a lot of important research to make sure veterans are served as well as possible The Salt Lake VA Medical Center competes with private sector hospitals in many areas.  The standard of care is very high. They also talk about some areas the VA is making important changes.  This includes in the area of timeliness. Of course, Army, Navy, Air Force, and US Marine Corps veterans are welcome.  But also many Reserves and National Guard veterans are eligible depending on active duty history.

Published: Friday, July 07, 2017   |   Runtime: 23:03

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