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Will visitors return to Utah? It may depend on where you're visiting   (56:06)5-11-2021
May 11, 2021 See for privacy information.
Grantsville teen accused of killing family members to appear in court today   (55:57)5-10-2021
May 10, 2021 See for privacy information.
Support pouring into Rigby, Idaho after school shooting   (57:09)5-7-2021
May 7, 2021 See for privacy information.
Glendale looks forward to First Lady Biden's visit   (55:47)5-5-2021
May 5, 2021 See for privacy information.
Schools working to get more kids into summer classes   (56:35)5-4-2021
May 4, 2021 See for privacy information.
Walk-in clinics open for the covid shot in Salt Lake   (57:05)5-3-2021
May 3, 2021 See for privacy information.
US to restrict travel from India amid Covid surge   (56:44)4-30-2021
April 30, 2021 Tim Hughes hosts See for privacy information.
Fire season restrictions arrive early   (56:14)4-29-2021
April 29, 2021 See for privacy information.
Vaccine clinic canceled at Iron County School   (56:17)4-28-2021
See for privacy information.
No masks outside for fully vaccinated folks   (51:15)4-27-2021
April 27, 2021 See for privacy information.
Thousands of vaccine appointments going unused   (56:24)4-26-2021
April 26, 2021 See for privacy information.
Two men scam millions out of Utahns with dirt to gold lie   (56:13)4-23-2021
April 23, 2021 See for privacy information.
Health officials don't want you to put off getting your covid vaccine   (56:14)4-22-2021
April 22, 2021 See for privacy information.
Expanded clinics for teens, but not every slot is getting filled   (56:08)4-21-2021
April 21, 2021 See for privacy information.
Health officials predicting an increase in covid-19 cases   (56:52)4-20-2021
April 20, 2021 See for privacy information.
Vaccine clinics especially for teens   (56:49)4-19-2021
April 19, 2021 See for privacy information.
US and Utah pausing use of Johnson and Johnson's vaccine   (56:50)4-13-2021
April 13, 2021 See for privacy information.
Less lethal firearm unveiled for Salt Lake Police use of force   (56:14)4-12-2021
April 12, 2021 See for privacy information.
Excessive speed led to Tiger Woods crash   (56:11)4-7-2021
April 7, 2021 See for privacy information.
7-Eleven clerk unhurt after being shot at   (56:54)4-5-2021
April 5, 2021 See for privacy information.
US Capitol put on lockdown   (27:38)4-2-2021
April 2, 2021 See for privacy information.
Mask mandate will stay in place for state employees   (27:28)4-1-2021
April 1, 2021 See for privacy information.
Mantua left without police force   (26:34)3-30-2021
March 30, 2021 See for privacy information.
Small businesses returning to normal   (27:14)3-29-2021
March 29, 2021 See for privacy information.
No tuition increase for Southern Utah University students next year   (26:32)3-26-2021
March 26, 2021 See for privacy information.
Police arrest three in connection to Kearns kidnapping   (27:35)3-24-2021
March 24, 2021 See for privacy information.
Orem police searching for missing 7-year-old   (26:15)3-23-2021
March 23, 2021 See for privacy information.
Brazilian Variant of Covid-19 reported in Utah   (27:38)3-22-2021
March 22, 2021 See for privacy information.
Update to murder-suicide case in Murray   (26:05)3-19-2021
March 19, 2021 See for privacy information.
Beginning of a new Conviction Integrity Unit in Utah County   (28:15)3-17-2021
March 17, 2021 See for privacy information.
Police looking for drivers after two hit and run crashes   (26:33)3-16-2021
March 16, 2021 See for privacy information.
Fatalities on the road went up in 2020   (26:51)3-15-2021
March 15, 2021 See for privacy information.
Experts expect $1,400 checks to be spent, not saved   (25:29)3-12-2021
See for privacy information.
President Biden Signs $1.9 Trillion COVID Relief Package   (27:08)3-11-2021
See for privacy information.
More vaccination sites for senior citizens   (27:23)3-9-2021
See for privacy information.
It's International Women's Day!   (26:27)3-8-2021
See for privacy information.
The second impeachment trial of former President Trump is underway   (35:25)2-9-2021
See for privacy information.
Utah doctors asking people to please stay home for Thanksgiving – Nov. 25, 2020   (26:18)11-25-2020
Doctors from Intermountain Healthcare held a news conference today, saying their hospital staff members are stretched thin and very tired.  They’re asking people not to gather with people from outside their homes for Thanksgiving to prevent an even higher spike of COVID-19 cas...
A family sues the Salt Lake City police after their autistic son was shot by police - Nov. 24, 2020   (21:45)11-24-2020
The family of an autistic boy who was shot by Salt Lake City police has filed a lawsuit.  The police department says they have not yet seen the lawsuit.   See for privacy information.
President Nelson's message of hope and healing for the world - Nov. 20, 2020   (31:06)11-20-2020
President Russell M. Nelson of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints released a video message today of "Hope and Healing for the World."  He encouraged members of the Church to find reasons to be grateful, even during a pandemic, and share those those grateful thoughts...
Utah Governor outlines Thanksgiving guidlines during COVID - Nov. 19, 2020   (27:51)11-19-2020
Utah Governor Gary Herbert says he will not put a mandate in place limiting Thanksgiving gatherings.  He is asking people to keep gatherings small and include social distancing with masks because of the current surge in COVID-19 cases.  See for privacy ...
Preliminary COVID-19 vaccine distribution plans outlined in Utah - Nov. 11, 2020   (27:59)11-18-2020
State health officials say a COVID-19 vaccine could be rolled out in Utah as soon as December. Rich Lakin, Immunizations Director for the state of Utah, says the number of doses coming to the state will be based on population. See for privacy information.
Utah lawmakers debate penalties for protesters who block streets - Nov. 17, 2020   (25:52)11-17-2020
Utah lawmakers are working on a bill to make it a felony to block traffic during protests.  See for privacy information.
A growing number of kids with COVID-19 complications - Nov. 16, 2020   (26:23)11-16-2020
Utah doctors say they are seeing more children coming into I-C-U units with severe symptoms after contracting the COVID-19 virus. See for privacy information.
A Vietnam Vet returns home after weeks in the hospital with COVID-19 - Nov. 13, 2020   (25:48)11-13-2020
A Vietnam Vet who spent over a month in the hospital battling COVID-19 gets to come home today and his neighbors are going to be lining the streets to welcome him back.  See for privacy information.
A new record high number of COVID-19 infections in Utah - Nov. 12, 2020   (21:53)11-12-2020
Utah set a new record today for new COVID-19 infections... with over 39-hundred people testing positive.  There are also 468 Utahns currently hospitalized. See for privacy information.
Utah National Guard steps up help with contact tracing - Nov. 10, 2020   (26:53)11-10-2020
The Utah National Guard is stepping up their efforts to help the state with COVID-19 contact tracing.  It's part of the Governor's new emergency declaration.   See for privacy information.
Governor Herbert explaining his new COVID-19 mandates - Nov. 9, 2020   (27:05)11-9-2020
Utah Governor Gary Herbert says his new emergency declaration is not based out of fear or politics.  He says we all need to do our part to slow the spread of the coronavirus because right now our hospitals are struggling to keep up with COVID-19 cases.  See
Utah Attorney General says he's going to assist President Trump's election litigation - Nov. 6, 2020   (26:41)11-6-2020
Utah Attorney General Sean Reyes is taking some heat after tweeting he’s on personal leave to help prepare litigation in several states dealing with the election process. See for privacy information.
Undecided Presidential election and record high COVID-19 numbers - Nov. 5, 2020   (26:39)11-5-2020
The Presidential election is still up in the air this hour.  Nevada, Arizona, Georgia, Pennsylvania, and North Carolina are still very close races. Plus,  The state of Utah is reporting 2,807 new COVID-19 cases today.  There are also 389 people hospitalized with coronavirus...
The Presidential race hangs on a few battleground states - Nov. 4, 2020   (31:06)11-4-2020
We are waiting to get the final results from Michigan, Pennsylvania and a handful of other battleground states in the Presidential election. See for privacy information.
Record setting numbers on election day in Utah - Nov. 3, 2020   (26:47)11-3-2020
County clerks around the state are reporting record setting numbers as the votes are being counted.  Many Utahn's took advantage of early voting through mail-in-ballots.  See for privacy information.
The last day of campaigning before the Presidential election - Nov. 2, 2020   (21:22)11-2-2020
Over 1-million ballots have already been processed in Utah and we haven't even reached election day.  During the last Presidential election there were less than one-point-two million votes cast once ALL the votes were counted.   See for privacy informat...
Utah prepares for Halloween during a pandemic - Oct 30, 2020   (26:13)10-30-2020
The state department of health is reminding Trick-or-Treaters to wear cloth face coverings while out trick-or-treating tomorrow. People are also encourage to avoid being in large groups because of the pandemic.   See for privacy information.
Ten more Utahns dead as COVID-19 spike continues - Oct. 29, 2020   (24:52)10-29-2020
Ten more Utahns have died after getting the coronavirus.  The state is reporting 1,837 new cases from yesterday with 317 people currently hospitalized with COVID-19.  Doctors from Utah's healthcare systems say they are being stretched thin during this current surge of cases.  ...
The Utah Jazz to be sold to Qualtrics co-found Ryan Smith - Oct. 28, 2020   (27:26)10-28-2020
Gail Miller announced her family is selling off a majority interest of the Utah Jazz to Qualtrics co-founder Ryan Smith.  Smith says he grew up a Jazz fan and plans to keep the team in Salt Lake City.  See for privacy information.
Murder charge filed in the Sherry Black case from 2010 - Oct. 26, 2020   (32:02)10-26-2020
The Salt Lake County District Attorney announced a murder charge in the Sherry Black cold case.  See for privacy information.
Sentencing for the man who murdered Mackenzie Lueck - Oct. 23, 2020   (30:56)10-23-2020
The man who killed University of Utah student Mackenzie Lueck is in court being sentenced.  Ayoola Ajayi pleaded guilty to aggravated murder, abuse, and desecration of a human body. See for privacy information.
The parents of murdered student Lauren McCluskey have reached a settlement with the University of Utah - Oct. 22, 2020   (26:39)10-22-2020
A 13.5-million dollar settlement was reached between the University of Utah and the parents of murdered student Lauren McCluskey.  President Ruth Watkins also gave an apology to Lauren's parents for campus police not responding appropriately to Lauren's concerns about her boyfri...
Questions about police response times in Salt Lake City - Oct. 21, 2020   (28:01)10-21-2020
A review of police response times in Salt Lake City shows people are waiting longer for an officer to arrive.  See for privacy information.
Salt Lake County budget unveiled with the pandemic playing a big role -   (29:03)10-20-2020
Salt Lake County Mayor Jenny Wilson unveiled her proposed budget for 2021.  The pandemic has led to previous cuts, and the mayor says the cuts will continue and more corrections might need to be made. See for privacy information.
The Range fire burning near Provo Canyon started at the Orem police training range - Oct. 19, 2020   (27:20)10-19-2020
Orem City says the Range Fire in Utah County started at their police training range.  An officer who was at the range when the fire started is said to be cooperating with fire investigators.  See for privacy information.
Day two of questioning for Supreme Court nominee Judge Amy Coney Barrett - Oct 14, 2020   (26:48)10-14-2020
Judge Amy Cohen Barrett faced a second day of questioning from members of the Senate Judiciary Committee in her Supreme Court nominee hearing. See for privacy information.
SUPCO nominee Amy Coney Barrett hearing day 2 - Oct 13, 2020   (27:52)10-13-2020
Senators from the judiciary committee were given time today to ask questions directly to Supreme Court Nominee Judge Amy Coney Barrett.  See for privacy information.
Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett hearing - Oct. 12, 2020   (28:01)10-12-2020
The noon hour starts with Supreme Court nominee Judge Amy Coney Barrett finishing off her opening statements to the Senate Judiciary Committee.  See for privacy information.
COVID-19 quarantines could be a lot shorter for school kids under new guidelines - Oct. 9, 2020   (29:05)10-9-2020
Many kids who were exposed to coronavirus at school won’t have to quarantine as long.  Under new rules signed by the governor, if your kid was exposed to coronavirus or tested positive, they’ll only have to quarantine for 7 days IF: they don’t have any symptoms, they have ...
The Vice Presidential debate in Salt Lake City just hours away - Oct. 7, 2020   (31:38)10-7-2020
The Vice Presidential debate at the University of Utah in Salt Lake City is going forward, but there are tight restrictions in place on who will be allowed inside Kingsbury Hall.  See for privacy information.
Vice President Mike Pence heading to Utah to debate Senator Kamala Harris -   (27:35)10-5-2020
Vice President Mike Pence makes his way to Salt Lake City to prep for Wednesday's Vice Presidential debate. Senator Kamala Harris is already here. In the meantime, there is still a beehive of activity around President's Circle of the University of Utah. Hinckley Institute of Poli...
President Trump and Senator Mike Lee test positive for COVID-19 - Oct. 2, 2020   (27:36)10-2-2020
President Donald Trump is isolating in the White House after he and the 1st Lady tested positive for COVID-19.  Utah Senator Mike Lee has also tested positive after he got tested because he was feeling symptoms similar to having allergies.  See for priv...
Another day with over a thousand new COVID-19 cases in Utah - Oct. 1, 2020   (28:40)10-1-2020
The state reported another 1,008 cases of COVID-19 today.  There are currently 201 people hospitalized with coronavirus... but no new deaths were reported.  See for privacy information.
An officer invovled shooting on Ogden sends a suspect to the hospital - Sept. 30, 2020   (27:01)9-30-2020
Ogden Police say a suspect is injured following an officer-involved shooting near the 3100 block of Wall Avenue around 7:30 Wednesday morning.  See for privacy information.
Utah's tourism industry hit hard during the pandemic - September 29, 2020   (30:02)9-29-2020
A new study says over 8-percent of Utah's workforce relies directly on tourism. See for privacy information.
Amber Alert for six year old in Salt Lake County - September 28, 2020   (33:09)9-28-2020
The Unified Police Department issued an Amber Alert, asking for your help locating a missing six-year-old from the Millcreek area.  Terran Alexander Butler was last seen wearing black gym shorts, hiking boots, and a green t-shirt with blue sleeves. Police say he has blonde hair...
Students in Utah showing support for a teacher in the ICU after she came down with COVID-19 - September 18, 2020   (26:56)9-18-2020
A teacher at Corner Canyon High School in Utah is in the ICU at the hospital after contracting COVID-19.  Students are showing support while school officials decide how to deal with an increase in coronavirus cases.  See for privacy information.
A man shot outside Viewmont High School in Bountiful - Sept. 16, 2020   (27:20)9-16-2020
Investigators say a man shot outside of Viewmont High School fired at police officers first with a rifle.  See for privacy information.
The Salt Lake City School District has started classes, but with thousands of fewer students - September 14, 2020   (31:53)9-14-2020
The Salt Lake City School district is trying to find out why they have thousands of fewer students signed up for classes this fall. See for privacy information.
3 alarm fire in Salt Lake City thought to be arson - September 9, 2020   (32:34)9-9-2020
A three alarm fire gutted a business building in downtown Salt Lake City.  Fire investigators say this is the third suspicious fire in downtown in one day, and they have a suspect in mind.  See for privacy information.
A group in Provo wants a referendum to try and overturn the city’s mask mandate – September 1, 2020   (26:31)9-1-2020
A group of Provo residents are trying to get a referendum on the ballot to overturn the city’s newly passed mask mandate.  The city council unanimously approved the mandate, and then they overrode the mayor’s veto.  See for privacy information.
USU, BYU open campuses with mask mandates in their cities   (35:05)9-1-2020
See for privacy information.
The Vivint Arena will be a polling place this election day - August 28, 2020   (33:27)8-28-2020
The Utah Jazz announced today the Vivint Arena in downtown Salt Lake City will be a polling location this November for those who opt not to mail in their ballots.  See for privacy information.
Utah's Universities welcoming back students during the pandemic - August 24, 2020   (25:50)8-24-2020
Several of Utah's Universities are welcoming students back to class today.  There are a lot of new safety rules in place because of the pandemic.  Plus, Utah's Republican delegation casts their votes for President Trump at the Republican National Convention. See
Utah Governor issues a new emgerncy declaration over COVID-19 - August 20, 2020   (31:54)8-20-2020
Utah Governor Gary Herbert has issues a new emergency declaration that will allow the state more easily get Federal assistance during the COVID-19 pandemic.  The previous declaration is set to expire.  See for privacy information.
Teacher resignations just before school starts comes with fines – August 18, 2020   (27:00)8-18-2020
Some Utah teachers that resigned shortly before the school year started could face fines that are outlined in their contracts.  The Granit district says if a teacher calls it quits at the last minute it hurts the school kids the most as the district now scrambles to find a new t...
Utah Jazz face the Denver Nuggets in the first round of the playoffs   (36:03)8-18-2020
See for privacy information.
Is there anyone left for BYU football to play?   (31:51)8-13-2020
See for privacy information.
Teachers plan rally to voice concern over COVID-19 concerns in the classroom – August 4, 2020   (32:13)8-4-2020
Some teachers in the Granite school district are planning a rally ahead of the district’s school board meeting.  The teachers say they don’t feel teaching in a crowded classroom is safe right now. See for privacy information.
Nine arrested after protests in Cottonwood Heights   (35:35)8-4-2020
See for privacy information.
Utah’s school districts need parents to fill out their kids registrations, and they need it now – July 31, 2020   (26:56)7-31-2020
Utah’s school districts are encouraging parents to get their kids registrations turned in now.  The districts need to know how many kids will be learning online, so they can prepare classrooms for those who will be in the school building.    See for ...
Many parents continue to struggle with the decision of sending their kids back to class – July 27, 2020   (25:33)7-27-2020
Many parents are still struggling to decide if they want their kids back in the classroom this fall, or if they will choose an online option.  Some Utah online Charter schools say they are seeing their enrollment go up.  See for privacy information.
Utah teachers rally to demand more protections this school year - July 23, 2020   (33:20)7-23-2020
Over one hundred teachers showed up outside the Utah state capitol building to voice concerns over going back to school, and they're desire for more protections to be in place during the pandemic.  See for privacy information.
Salt Lake City parents split over how school should look this fall - July 21, 2020   (26:23)7-21-2020
Dueling petitions are being signed by parents in the Salt Lake City School District over how kids should return to school this fall.  Some want the kids back in the classroom while others say it is too risky with the pandemic.  See for privacy informati...
A BYU analysis says you should wear a mask   (34:16)7-21-2020
See for privacy information.
Utah is one of 18 states the White House says is in the "red zone"   (35:59)7-17-2020
A new report from the White House recommends Utah close bars and gyms and limit gatherings in some areas to stop the spread of Covid-19.   his report says Utah and 17 other states are in the red zone and the trend is very concerning. It's a document repaired for the white house...
A person dies while waiting in a COVID-19 testing line in Utah - July 14, 2020   (26:09)7-14-2020
A man died in Northern Utah while waiting in line to get COVID tested near Ogden, Utah. Officials say he was in the line less than 45 minutes. See for privacy information.
A record-breaking number of coronavirus cases in Utah today   (36:21)7-11-2020
Breaking news on KSL newsradio...  When the official numbers come from the state health department today... they're expected to report 867 new coronavirus cases.  This news... coming from doctors at hospitals here in Utah.  KSL Newsradio's Paul Nelson has been monitoring a ...
A new, free COVID-19 testing center is opening in Kearns   (34:18)7-8-2020
See for privacy information.
More road trips this 4th of July as people try to vacation away from crowds - July 2, 2020   (25:01)7-2-2020
Get ready for crowded highways as people try to get out of town for the 4th of July holiday weekend.  More people say they'll be driving rather than flying this year because of the coronavirus pandemic.  See for privacy information.
Utah's governor pleaing for people to wear masks to help keep the economy open - July 1, 2020   (30:12)7-1-2020
Utah Governor Gary Herbert is calling on all Utahn's to be respectful to others by wearing face coverings when out in public.  The Governor says this is important to be able to keep the economy moving.  Grand County leaders are also asking for permission to put in place a face ...
Primary election day on Utah - June 30, 2020   (26:02)6-30-2020
Utah's primary election day looks a lot different this year because of the COVID-19 pandemic.  Voters have to mail in or drop off their ballots.    See for privacy information.
The Knolls Fire has forced thousands from their homes   (36:01)6-30-2020
See for privacy information.